PhogBlog March Madness Pool

Join the Phun. Enter the PhogBlog Group in the Las vegas Journal-Review March Madness contest.

This one is a little different than most of those going around the internet. Instead of having your Elite 8 or Final Four teams knocked out in the first or second round, resulting in games of no interest to you, you pick each round after the previous round's games have been played.

In other words, every game counts.

Go to the LVRJ registration page, register, and click on My Groups. Click on "Join Public Group" and search for "PhogBlog."

Then pick away for Round One.

What do you win?

Pick all games correctly, and the LVJR says it will fork over $100,000. (About the same chance as you would have facing off against Tiger in match play.)

Garner the most points in the PhogBlog group, and you will bask in PB glory for 12 full months.

Good luck. You will need it against the PB's regular cast of luminarias.

Hint: Take KU in Round 1, and you will be perfect for at least a while, depending on the length of the other Thursday morning games. I promise.