Take it to the Bank: Football Picks--Week 1

At last. Football. Point spreads. Who could ask for more? My record last year against the spread was 115-92. I'll try to do better this time around.***

The Games of Week 1:


1. Fla-Int’l +36 at KU

Usually, I don’t do games with spreads of 30+ points. One exception is when it the game involves KU. This one is money in the proverbial bank. Mangino is not going to let up in Week 1 until the spread is around 45. And TD Todd never lets up.


2. Western Michigan +14 at Nebraska

Okay. I admit it. Sometimes I am as shallow as the pundits I rake over the coals on phogblog. The name Nebraska still means something. The name Western Michigan doesn’t. Especially in Bo Pellini’s inaugural game.


3. Okie St -7 at Washington St

Washington St must REALly suck to be an underdog at home to one of the lower division South teams we beat last year (you know—instead of the good South teams).


4. Illinois +8.5 at Mizzou

The Illini should have won this game last year, but for a fumble that MU returned 99 yards for a TD. A team fresh from the Rose Bowl should at least keep Mizzou in sight—if not win outright.


5. Fla-Atl +24 at Texas

FAU has been talking big. They claim UT isn’t tough. Know what? They are right. At home, UT will win. Not by 24.


6. No Texas +24.5 at k-state

k-state beat someone by 24.5?

Maybe this team.


7. Utah +3.5 at Michigan

Utah is getting a lot of play as a team that can take out Michigan in Ann Arbor. Like they are Appalachian St or something. Using the same “rationale” as in Game No. 2:


8. Washington +13.5 at Oregon

This is a lot of points to give to an ex-Golden Domer.


9. Va Tech -10 at East Carolina

Va Tech is awesome, Baby! How else could they have stayed within 3 of KU (10 had we not taken a knee at the goal line) in the Orange Bowl?


10. Michigan St +5 at California

Cal at Berkeley. Playing a Big 10 team—any Big 10—team. Yeah, I’ll give 5 and ½.


11. Alabama +5.5 at Clemson

Flipping a coin comes up Bam. Throwing a dart comes up Bama. Drawing for high card comes up Bama. I’ll go with:


12. Idaho +27.5 at Arizona

One of the foremost authorities on the Big Sky assures me that if Utah St is not the worst team in the country, Idaho is.


13. Kentucky +4 at Louisville

Louisville is simply the better program. And they have the revenge factor.



14. Colorado -11 vs. Colo St

CU is on its way up. They are not to the point yet where they should be expected to rout its archrival on a neutral field. CSU always plays the Buffs tough.



15. Tennessee -7.5 at UCLA

The Bruins atone for their basketball counterparts’ loss to a team from Tennessee in SA. To the extent that covering the spread constitutes atonement.



***As in past years, these picks are for entertainment valus only. There are no guarantees. There are no refunds.