Take it to the Bank: Week 11's Picks

Second weekend of November. The wheat is beginning to get separated from the chaff.

Or, in some cases, from the corn.

The games of Week 11:

1. KU + 1 at Nebraska

Piece of cake. Easy as pie. No problemo. Can of cornhusker. The Hawks win again in Lincoln, as they are wont to do in years ending in 8 whose first three digits add up to 2 or some higher power of 2.


2. Baylor +28 at Texas

As if Mack Brown is not going to take out last week’s frustrations on the Bears.

3. Iowa St +9 at Colorado

First team to 9 wins.


4. Oklahoma -27 at Texas A&M

OU. The gift that keeps on giving. . .


5. k-state +26.5 at Mizzou

There is a reason k-state is looking for a new coach.


6. Okie St +3 at Texas Tech

Paging Dr. Phil.

Is Tech riding a high for another 60 minutes, or suffering a letdown? Okie St is the better team. But, then, so was Texas. And, as with Texas, Tech is at Home. I’ll take the Raiders by a two point conversion in the fourth OT. Which means, for point spread purposes:

Okie St

7. Ohio St -11.5 at Northwestern

About 3 points too many for my blood. The team with the big Z at midfield covers.


8. Penn St -7.5 at Iowa

Which is more likely to leave money under your pillow: Joe Pa or the Tooth Fairy? This year, anyway, it is:

Penn St

9. Notre Dame +3 at Boston College

Notre Dame is making a habit of losing to those darn Catholics.


10. Georgia -10.5 at Kentucky

Kentucky plays well when I expect them to suck, and vice-versa. I expect them to play Georgia tough this week at Home: ergo, it is now officially basketball season in the Bluegrass State.


11. Alabama -3.5 at LSU

Jambalaya, Crimson Tide, and filet gumbo. Son of a gun, they’re gonna have big fun on the bayou.


12. Florida -24 at Vanderbilt

Florida: Southern for Oklahoma.


13. Oregon St -8 at UCLA

If USC can’t stop the Beavers, what chance does UCLA have? Even at Home:


14. Arizona St -14.5 at Washington

Here’s a hypothetical play-off scenario: Washington vs. Washington St for the right to play Idaho (loser against Utah St) for the BCS Chumpionship.

Arizona St

15. Cal +20.5 at USC

No way Cal wins this game. The Trojans won’t lose again unless they sneak back into the Pretend National Championship picture. But 20+ points?



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