Take it to the Bank: Week 14's Games

What has the world come to when Texas is such a big favorite over A&M (35 points) that it is not even a game worth picking against the spread?

Take Thanksgiving Day off. The REAL action begins Friday:

1. Mississippi St +16 at Ole Miss

Stop me before I give Ole Miss too much credit for beating LSU.

Mississippi St

2. LSU -4.5 at Arkansas

Two great names in the world of college football that suck out loud. I mean OUT LOUD!

If LSU’s Pretend National Championship team can’t beat the Razorbacks in Baton Rouge, how is their Pretend Team this year going to win on the Road?


3. Colorado +18 at Nebraska.

Eighteen is a lot of points. But Colorado gives up a lot of points. And doesn’t score many. Bad combination.


4. Fresno St +21 at Boise St

Boise St is undefeated, ranked in the Top 10, and headed for the Poinsettia or Blue Field Bowl. They take out their frustrations over the fiasco that is the BCS on Fresno.


5. UCLA +10 at Arizona St

The Bruins get caught looking ahead to their cross-town rivals.



6. Miami (FL) -1.5 at NC State

Two teams finally hitting their stride. Home field makes the difference.


7. Vanderbilt +3.5 at Wake Forest

Two teams that, like our beloved Jayhawks, have gone from dreams of grandeur to illusions of adequacy. The Demon Deacons are more than adequate at Home.


8. UNC -7.5 at Duke

College Game Day. ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNU, ESPN 360, Dick Vitale. The most overhyped event in all of sports.

Oops. Getting three months ahead of myself.

The first step in a sweep of the two sports that matter is taken by:


9. Baylor +22 at Texas Tech

How does Tech rebound from the butt whipping it experienced in Norman? My guess is that they have been thrown off their stride and start slowly—but pull away late on the High Plains.


10. KU +16 vs. Mizzou (K.C.)

Vegas was late to discover how good KU was last year—hence, the Hawks’ 12-1 record not only on the field of play, but also against the spread. I fear the reverse has happened this year.


11. Oklahoma -7 at Okie St

I would not be surprised if the team that beat Mizzou in Columbia and did everything but beat Texas in Austin were to take OU out of the Pretend Championship Picture. Or if the team that was stomped by Tech in Lubbock was stomped in Stillwater.


12. Auburn +14 at Alabama

Bama has a major score to settle with their arch-rival and tormentors of recent years.


13. Florida -16.5 at Florida St

The Gators are feeling it. If the Seminoles stay within this spread, it will be the upset of the week.


14. Kentucky +4.5 at Tennessee

An indication of how screwy the BCS system is: Phillip Fullmer has a Pretend National Championship on his resume.

A win Saturday, and he goes out avoiding the ignominy of being the only Tennessee coach to lose eight games in a season.


15. Oregon +3 at Oregon St

The Ducks would enjoy nothing more than depriving the Beavers of a spot in the Rose Bowl. This nailbiter will be decided by a two point conversion in the third OT.