REAL Standings: The Plot Thickens. . .

With their backs up against the REAL Standings Wall, the Jayhawks pulled a half game closer to Oklahoma with their victory in an at-risk game in the Little Potato. Returned the REAL Standings to where they were one week ago, before OU picked up a half game with its at-risk victory in Waco. The only other noteworthy game Saturday was UT’s half game pickup in its at-risk win at Colorado.

The other four games had zero effect on the REAL Standings, as Projected Winners Mizzou, OU, Okie St, and Baylor all won at Home over Nebraska, Tech, Iowa St, and A&M respectively.

For the season, Projected Winners are now 40-7.

With KU’s victory in Manhattan and UT’s in Boulder, Home at-risk teams are now 4-11. Or, should I say, Road teams one level higher than their hosts, are 11-4.


The Big 12 hierarchy:

Contenders (Tier 1): KU, MU, OU.

Competitors (Tier 2): A&M, Baylor, k-state, Nebraska, Okie St, UT

Bottom-feeders (Tier 3): Colorado, Iowa St, Tech.

1. 14.5-1.5

OU (11-0) Projected L’s: at Mizzou Losable games: at UT

2. 14-2

KU (9-1) Projected L’s: at OU Losable games: None

3. 12.5-3.5

Mizzou (9-2) Projected L’s: at KU Losable games: at A&M

4. 8.5-7.5

k-state (6-5) Projected L’s: at Mizzou, at Okie St Losable games: at ISU

UT (6-4) Projected L’s: at A&M, at Okie St, at KU Losable games: vs. OU

6. 8-8

NU (5-5) Projected L’s: at KU, at k-state, at Baylor Losable games: None

OSU (4-6) Projected L’s: at OU Losable games: at Tech, at CU

8. 6.5-9.5

A&M (3-7) Projected L: at NU Losable games: at Tech, at CU, vs. Mizzou

Baylor (4-7) Projected L’s: at Okie St, at UT Losable games: at Iowa St

10. 4-12

ISU (2-8) Projected L’s: at KU, at A&M, at NU Losable games: vs. k-state, vs. Baylor

11. 3-13

Tech (2-8) Projected L’s: at UT, vs. OU, vs. KU, at Iowa St Losable games: vs. Okie St, vs. A&M

12. 2-14

CU (1-9) Projected L’s: vs. Mizzou, at NU, at Baylor, at k-state Losable games: vs. Okie St, vs. A&M


Midweek Games, with IQ (Interest Quotient):


1. UT at A&M (8:00p.m.)***1/2 (Projected W: A&M)

One day a year, A&M and UT fans care about basketball. No. not when the two play in Austin, where they only care when KU comes to town.

At stake? UT’s day off in OKC.


2. North Carolina Central at k-state (7:00p.m.)* (Projected W: Duh. . .)

What the hell is this? Earth to k-state: It’s February!


3. Iowa St at KU (7:00p.m.)*1/2 (Projected W: KU)

Ho-freakin’-hum. 4. Colorado at Nebraska (8:00p.m.)*1/2 (Projected W: NU)

First inclination is to say, “Ho-freakin’-hum.” But maybe not: Could be the Buffs’ last and best chance to win one outside Boulder’s City Limits.

5. Okie St at Tech (8:30p.m.)*1/2 (Toss-up)

Who wants to watch defense anyway?