REL Standings: Projected Co-Champs declare, "It's not nice to share". . .

Projected Winners went 4-1 on the season's final day of action. The only L was not a REAL surprise, being that it belonged to Baylor, the league’s most underachieving team in this—or almost any—season. In fact, based on their last twelve games, in which their 3-1 record dropped to 5-11, they probably belonged in the Third Tier with Iowa St, Tech, and Colorado. However, those three teams won only four games total against teams that were not their Tier peers: ISU beating NU and Baylor; and Tech beating KU and Baylor.

The Bears’ saving grace was three W's vs. Tier Two Teams: at k-state and vs. Okie St and A&M.

In another oddity, KU went from experiencing the most embarrassing loss in Big 12 history Wednesday night (losing to a team it bettered by 11 games in the conference standings), to claiming the outright conference championship three days later in a gutsy second half performance vs. a focused UT team determined to give the program its first win ever in Allen Fieldhouse. Fortunately, they failed. Again.

For the season, the record of Projected Winners improved to 62-11, as UT, Okie St, NU and Mizzou all won at Home. . In the only at-risk game A&M won one for the Home team by taking out Mizzou. Home at-risk teams finished 7-16 for the season.

Projected Winners and at-risk Road teams were a combined 78-18.


The final 2009 standings, with each team's pre-season projected record and ultimate difference in parentheses:

1. 14-2

KU (12.5-3.5) (+1.5)

2. 13-3

OU (12.5-3.5) (+.5)

3. 12-4 MU (7.5-8.5) (+4.5)

4. 9-7

A&M (7.5-8.5) (+1.5)

k-state (7-9) (+2)

OSU (7.5-8.5) (+1.5)

UT (11.5-4.5) (-2.5)

8. 8-8

NU (8.5-7.5) (-.5)

9. 5-11

Baylor (12-4) (-7)

10. 4-12

ISU (3.5-12.5) (+.5)

11. 3-13

Tech (2.5-3.5) (+.5)

12. 1-15

CU (3.5-12.5) (-2.5)

Now Y’all have a REAL good time until next January.

And this March.

. . .and April?