5 Reasons to Fear, 5 Reasons to Hope

Fear 1. NDSU is as good or better than Nebraska, Penn State, and a bunch of other big-conference teams. 2. This team is dominated by Seniors. 3. These Seniors have been waiting for 5 years for this one game and this is the biggest sporting event in the history of the Dakotas. 4. They don't turn the ball over very often. 5. NDSU shoots an amazing 41.2% as a TEAM from the three point line.


1. The toughest team they've played since Christmas is Oakland. 2. They allow a high percentage of shots, particularly 2 pointers. 3. They will be feeling a ridiculous amount of pressure to perform on the moment they've been waiting for...they do have something to lose. 4. They play at about the same pace that we do. 5. Decent (e.g. top 100) teams have torched their defense.