KU's Magic Number: 5

A good friend calculated the Jayhawks' magic number to win at least a share of the Big 12 championsship, and it is 5 (i.e., any combination of KU wins and losses by the teams with three losses that adds up to 5 gives the Jayhawks their 53rd conference championship or co-championship). (The Number is 6 for an outright title.) Put in the Magic Number context, the task of the rest of the conference looks even more daunting than suggested by glancing at the REAL Standings.

First, if you consider the ISU and CU games in Lawrence are locks, as I do, the magic number is REALly 3, with six of our own games plus everyone else's remaining games left to work that number down to zero.

Second, every team starts the season with a magic number of 16 for a share of the championship. In the first eight games, KU, with a little help from our friends, has reduced that number by 11. How unlikely is it that the Hawks will be unable to reduce that number by a factor of 5 in the next eight games? Especially, as noted previously, with the number, for all practical purposes, being 3?

Or put even another way, how likely is it that A&M or k-state will reduce their Magic Number by 10 in 7 games, or that UT or Mizzou will knock theirs down 11 in 8 games.

I was about to write a post giving a theoretical defense of Mr. Gettys: Noting that, looking at the adjusted REAL Standings Tier assignments, the Jayhawks have but one good Road win and six games remaining that are not gimmes (including OU and k-state at Home).

But with the Magic Number at 5 (or 3), and everyone else having plenty of non-gimme games themselves, there REALly is no defense to be had.

Sorry, Reid.