REAL Standings: Early Season Showdown Edition

MID-WEEK RECAP Out of the six Mid-Week games in the Big 12, one game and one game only made a difference in the latest edition of the REAL Standings. I am referring, of course to KU's victory in Waco, giving the Jayhawks their second W in an at risk game (Iowa State being the first). As a result, KU has taken a full game lead over their other two primary contenders, UT and A&M, neither of which has played either an at risk game nor a game in which either was projected to lose.

That,of course, changes Saturday when UT spends a few thousand of its newly minted 300 million dollars traveling to Lawrence. A KU victory, being the projected outcome, will not affect the REAL Standings at all. However, a UT win, turning a Projected Loss on its head, would result in a two game swing, making the Big 12 title theirs to lose.

As for the other five Mid-Week games, all went as projected, with the Home team winning in every case: Mizzou over K-State; Nebraska over Colorado; Oklahoma at Tech; Okie St over Iowa St (in OT); and UT over A&M.

And yes, I hear the grumbling: as in "Why is K-State still treated as a Tier One team?" Well, they might not be much longer; but I am, as a rule, slow to adjust the tiers unless there is no argument for keeping them as is. At any rate, K-State was projected to go 1-1 during the past week (W over Tech at Home, L to Mizzou on the Road), and that's exactly what they did.


Tier One (Contenders): KU, K-State, Mizzou, Texas A&M, UT.

Tier Two (Competitors): Baylor, Colorado, Iowa St, Okie St, Nebraska.

Tier Three (Bottom-feeders): Oklahoma, Texas Tech.

1. 13-3

KU (3-0) Projected L’s: at K-State, at Mizzou 
 Losable games: at CU, at NU

2. 12-4

UT (3-0) Projected L’s: at KU, at A&M
 Losable games: at OSU, at NU, at CU, at BU

A&M (3-1) Projected L’s: at KU
 Losable games: at NU, at CU, at OSU, at BU

4. 9.5-6.5

Mizzou (2-2) Projected L’s: at UT, at KU, at K-State 
 Losable games: at OSU, at ISU, at NU

5. 8.5-7.5

K-State (1-3) Projected L’s: at A&M, at KU, at UT
 Losable games: at ISU, at CU, at NU

6. 8-8

Colorado (3-1) Projected L’s: at BU, at Mizzou, at KU, at ISU 
 Losable games: at OU, vs. KU, vs. A&M, vs. K-State, at Tech, vs. UT

7. 7.5-8.5

Baylor (2-2) Projected L’s: at K-State, at A&M, at UT, at Mizzou, at OSU 
 Losable games: at OU, vs. A&M, vs. UT

Okie St (2-2) Projected L’s: at Baylor, at NU, at UT, at KU
 Losable games: vs. UT, at Tech, vs. Mizzou, vs. A&M, at OU

9. 6.5-9.5

Nebraska(2-2) Projected L’s: at K-State, at BU, at ISU, at CU
 Losable games: at Tech, vs. A&M, vs. KU, at OU, vs. UT, vs. K-State, vs. Mizzou

10. 6-10 Iowa St (1-3) Projected L’s: at Mizzou, at CU, at KU, at A&M, at UT, at K-State
 Losable games: vs. K-State, vs. Mizzou

11. 3-13

Oklahoma (1-3) Projected L’s: at ISU, at OSU, vs. UT, at Mizzou, at K-State, at A&M, vs. KU, at Tech 
 Losable games: vs. CU, vs. BU, vs. NU, vs. OSU

12. 2.5-13.5

Texas Tech (0-4) Projected L’s: at ISU, vs KU, vs. A&M, at UT, at Mizzou, at Baylor, at OSU, at A&M
 Losable games: vs. NU, vs. OSU, vs. CU



1. Colorado at Oklahoma (12:30)*1/2 (At risk game)

It's on the schedule. They have to play it. You can watch it if you want.

2. K-State at A&M (1:00)***1/2 (Projected W: A&M)

It's desperation time for K-State. If they don't pick up an unexpected win somewhere, they will be playing on Wednesday the week of the Big 12 Tourney.

3. UT at KU (3:00)****(Projected W: KU)

Ladies and gentlemen: I give you the Big 12 Champion. Not guaranteed, of course, but, unlike next year, the loser will get no second chance against the winner and will be dependent, as of late Saturday afternoon, on the kindness of strangers.

4. Okie St at Baylor (3:00)**1/2 (Projected W: Baylor)

Baylor can't afford another loss at Home. At least not a second one in six days--and to a fellow Tier Two team at that.

5. Nebraska at Tech (6:30)*1/2 (At risk game)

See Colorado at Oklahoma, above.

6. Iowa St at Mizzou (8:00)*** (Projected W: MU)

Not technically an at risk game, but with Iowa State coming off an overtime loss in Stillwater and taking NU to the wire in Lincoln, it is conceivable that the Cyclones could make a run at exposing Mizzou. If you're into that sort of thing. . .