KU - Boston University Thoughts

Paranoia is knowing all the facts - Woody Allen I told you not to worry last night, and I will repeat: Do not worry about Boston University. There will be plenty of worrying, and the heavy drinking and pacing associated therewith, to go around later in the tournament.

But there is no need to worry about Boston University, and here are a few serious reasons why.

Their mascot is the terrier, as in the Boston Terrier, a dog species described here as being confusingly similar to most Missouri fans, possessing "broad heads, protruding eyes, tuxedo-patterned coats and square faces with short muzzles.

Boston University's primary color is Scarlet, which, like Crimson, is a color that normal people call "Red." Their actual mascot, a humanoid dog named Rhett, was named after Rhett Butler, who loved Scarlett O'Hara in a movie most of you have probably never watched because it lacks a sufficient number of explosions to keep your attention. Rhett was born in 1922, so he has to be on his last legs by now, though admittedly my knowledge of bipedal, humanoid dog gerontology is fairly thin.

So before we even get into the numbers you can see that there is really nothing to worry about. After all, a team like Kansas could never lose to a highly-respected academic institution with ties to the patriots of the American Revolution. It just couldn't happen.

The New York Times gives Kansas a 99% chance of winning in round one. This link is a cool one as it will update daily, so bookmark that piece. It actually shows that KU has the best chance of anyone of getting to the National Championship game, mostly because Duke and OSU are considered by your average robot to be the best teams.

Ken Pomeroy's computers are a little less optimistic, giving KU a 97% chance of victory.

In other words, these teams could play between thirty and one hundred times, and it's possible that BU might never win even once. A lot of bad things would have to happen for them to beat KU, and given that this team now has the taste of blood, I can't seen enough of them happening save a freak sickness or accident, to de-wing the Hawks enough to lose this game.

According to Pomeroy, we would have to play this tournament 25,000,000 times for Boston University to win once.

Disagree with this opinion? Think we should tone it down a bit? I say we find each team in hallways and let Mook and Keef use adult language at our opponents to provoke them.

Our most important player in this tournament: Focus. If we can keep focus on the floor for more than 30 minutes a game, we can win it all. If Focus gets into foul trouble, look out.