Predict any game using Numbers

I was always frustrated that I didn't have a good way of using KenPom numbers to project hypothetical know for filling out brackets or other recreational purposes, so I created a little spreadsheet to do the calculations for me. I've embedded that spreadsheet below. Remember, recreational use only but if you want to use it to bet on sports, I can't stop you. Note these numbers are slightly off from Ken's projection numbers - it may be because of rounding. I'll dig into it at some point but this is good enough to start I think. To use it do the following:

1. Click "Click to Edit" so that you can modify the cells. 2. Input the following data for your first team: Rating (on this page, Offense Rating, Defense Rating and Tempo (all on team pages). 3. Repeat for second team. 4. You should see the projections update. 5. Share the link to this post with your friends. 6. Save the calculator as an excel doc if you'd like.

Thanks to Ken Pomeroy for all the work he does. Hopefully this makes his numbers and the use of tempo free stats more mainstream.