REAL Standings: High Noon at 3p.m. Edition


By Wednesday morning, the excitement for the week was over. On Wednesday night, as projected, KU defeated Texas A&M before a crowd as feeble as one at Mizzou when KU is not in town, Oklahoma took out Okie St in Norman, and Iowa St disposed of Texas Tech in Ames.

As a result, absolutely no movement in the REAL Standings. But weren't Monday and Tuesday enough?


Tier 1: KU, Mizzou

Tier 1A: Baylor

Tier 2: Iowa St, K-State, Texas

Tier 3: Oklahoma, Okie St, Texas A&M

Tier 4: Texas Tech



1. 16-2

KU (13-2) Projected L’s: N/A At Risk games: N/A

2. 14-4

Mizzou (12-3) Projected L’s: at KU At Risk games: N/A

3. 12.5-5.5

Baylor (10-5) Projected L’s: N/A At Risk games: at ISU

4. 10.5-7.5

Iowa St (10-5) Projected L’s: at K-State, at Mizzou At Risk games: vs. Baylor

K-State (8-7) Projected L’s: N/A At Risk games: at A&M

6. 9-9

Texas (7-8) Projected L’s: at KU At Risk games: N/A

7. 7-11

Okie St (6-9) Projected L’s: vs. KU, at K-State At Risk games: N/A

8. 5-13

Oklahoma (4-11) Projected L’s: at Baylor, at Texas At Risk games: N/A

9. 4.5-13.5

Texas A&M (4-11) Projected L’s: at Okie St, at OU At Risk games: vs. K-State

10 1-17

Texas Tech (1-14) Projected L’s: vs. Texas, at Baylor, vs. Mizzou At Risk games: N/A



Iowa State at K-State**** (12:30p.m.—Big 12 Network) (Projected W: K-State)

Not a bad opening act.

Oklahoma at Baylor** (12:30p.m--Big 12 Network) (Projected W: Baylor)

Who gives a damn?

Texas A&M at Oklahoma St** (1:00p.m.—ESPN2) (Projected W: Okie St)

I mean, REALly. Who gives a damn?

Mizzou at KU********************** (3:00p.m.--CBS) (Projected W: KU)

Imagine this starting lineup: Freddy Krueger. Jason. Jigsaw. Alien. Predator.

What cold be scarier than this group of cold-blooded killers?

Now imagine this:

Mizzou goes 3-0 vs. KU in its last year in the Big12 in the sports that matter.

And virtually locks up at least a share of the Big 12 Championship in the process.

This is what's at stake.

Sleep with one eye open.

Texas at Texas Tech* (3:00p.m.--Big 12 Network)

See Oklahoma at Baylor and A&M at Okie St.