Happy Fourteenth Final Four Day!

I have been on this planet 22,653 days. In all those days, this is the tenth time I have gotten up in the morning with the knowledge and anticipation that that the Jayhawks were one of 4 teams standing who would be competing this very day for the right to play in the National Championship game--with the whole world watching. It is as much as the 14th such day for those born circa 1930-35.

You celebrate your birthday once a year. Christmas, New Year's? Once a year. And, at least for me, they all fade into the recesses of your memory so that any one, as years pass, seems like any other.

Final Four Day? You know where you were each of the few times you have been fortunate enough to experience it. Each one remains special, unique, and clear in your memory no matters how many years intervene.

As you will remember today, win or lose. Always special, unique, and clear.

So enjoy it as special. All day. Be thankful KU has the late game, so the specialness of the day is guaranteed to last until late in the evening. You don't know when, if ever, this Day will come again. It's not like Halley's comet, guaranteed to return every 75 years or so.

Indeed, some fans have never experienced a meaningful Final Four Day. Some, possibly, never will.

You know who I'm talking about. But not in jest. Rather, as a reminder of how fortunate KU fans are to be able to enjoy how special today is, while fans of 340+ schools go about their regular routines as if it were just another Saturday.

It is just another day for them.

As for you: Cherish it.

Relish it.

As if it were the only day that matters.

The REAL world will make its return soon enough.