REAL Standings: Sooner or Sooner, a challenger was bound to emerge

The events Monday and Wednesday demonstrate vividly the utility of the REAL Standings. Look in the newspaper or any internet sports site, and it will appear that KU (7-0) has a two game lead over Baylor, K-State, and Oklahoma (5-2). In the REAL World, the Jayhawks’ margin is but one half game over the Sooners, who closed to within half a game of KU (14-4 to 13.5-4.5) courtesy of that rarest of commodities, a Road victory over a Tier One team--namely Baylor in Waco.

The Sooners’ 5-2 record is, itself, a full game and a half better than K-State’s 5-2 record (13-5 to 11.5-6.5), due to the fact that OU has the big Waco WIn and Lawrence in its rear view mirror.

K-State’s 5-2 record is, likewise, half a game superior to Baylor’s 5-2 record because, even though both have a Home loss on their resume, BU has yet to visit West Virginia. And anyone who watched Big Monday knows that playing Bob Huggins’ team in Morgantown might be a probable win, but, it is, by no means, a certain one.

I mean, REALly: Bob Huggins vs. Scott Drew? And at Home e-vennn? Exit, stage right. (Okay. Who is the youngest person reading this to get that reference?)

Not to mention that Okie St’s 4-3 record is superior to K-State’s 5-2, and Iowa St’s 4-3 is equivalent to Baylor’s 5-2.

In fairness to the newspapers, they do have TCU accurately pegged.

But back to the Sooners. They would be in first place in the REAL World even now had West Virginia scored a handful more points against KU. (And, yes, I have seen pictures of people with six fingers counting the thumb. You can Google it.)

Instead of trailing OU by half a game, however, the Jayhawks lead the Fighting Lonnies by that margin thanks to pulling out the W at WVU that was akin to pulling out a tooth with pliers in a game that most anticipated would be nothing more than a routine check-up and cleaning.

The other two midweek games games went as projected to Home teams Okie St and K-St who downed ISU and UT respectively.

THE CURRENT 2013 SEASON REAL TIERS (Subject to change)

1. Tier One: Baylor/Iowa St/KU/KSU/OU/OSU

2. Tier Two: Texas/West Virginia

3. Tier Three: Texas Tech

4. Tier Four: TCU


1. 14-4

KU (7-0) Projected L’s: at OU, at OSU, at ISU, at BU At-risk games: N/A

2. 13.5-4.5

Oklahoma (5-2) Projected L’s: at ISU, at OSU At-risk games: at UT

3. 12-6

Okie St (4-3) Projected L’s: at KU, at ISU At-risk games: at UT, at WVU

4. 11.5-6.5

K-State (5-2) Projected L’s: at OU, at KU, at BU, at OSU At-risk games: at UT

5. 11-7

Baylor (5-2) Projected L’s: at ISU, at OU, at K-State, at OSU At-risk games: at WVU, at UT

Iowa St (4-3) Projected L’s: at K-State, at OU, at BU At-risk games: at UT, at WVU

7. 7-11

W. Virginia (2-5) Projected L’s: at BU, at K-State, at KU, at OU At-risk games: at Tech, OSU, BU, ISU

8. 6-12

Texas (1-6) Projected L’s: at WVU, at KU, at OSU At-risk games: OSU, ISU, K-State, OU, BU, at Tech

9. 4-14

Texas Tech (2-5) Projected L’s: K-State, at BU, OSU, at WVU, OU, at ISU, at K-State, at KU At-risk games: WVU, UT

10. 0-18

TCU (0-7) Projected L’s: UT, KU, WVU, at OU, at ISU, UT, at KU, OSU, at Tech, at K-State, OU At-risk games: N/A


What to Watch


1. West Virginia at Texas Tech (12:30p.m.)*1/2 (at-risk game)

Let’s see if the Mountaineers can carry their enthusiasm and inspired play to the least mountainous area on the face of the earth.

2. Okie St at KU (3:00p.m.) **** (Projected W: KU)

Okie St’s next to last chance to make a major move in the Big 12 standings. All that is left after this is its game at Ames.

3. K-State at Oklahoma (5:00p.m.)**** (Projected W: OU)

K-State’s opportunity to make up, at least partially, for its Home loss to KU.

4. Baylor at Iowa St (7:00p.m.)**** (Projected W: ISU)

Since its loss in Lubbock, every game is a virtual must win game for the Cyclones. For Baylor, an opportunity to at least temporarily quiet those who accuse them of being soft and disorganized. (You know who I’m talking about.)

5. TCU at Texas (7:00p.m.) * (Projected W: UT) I have tickets to this game. Think I’ll stay Home and watch something more exciting. Like Michigan/Indiana. Or Storage Wars.