REAL Standings: They almost write themselves edition. . .

It is a sad day. I am about to run out of Scott Drew jokes.

Wait. How about this one?

Did you hear about the game where Baylor was tied with one second left in the game? At Home? And had possession of the ball?

They lost in regulation.


No, REALly! This is not a joke.

Well, okay, it is a joke. Just not a made up one.

It would be funny except that this coaching fiasco kept KU from virtually clinching at least a share of the Big 12 championship for the ninth consecutive year.

Assuming KU and K-State win mid-week Home games vs. Texas Tech and TCU respectively, it all comes down to next Saturday when K-State takes its show on the Road to Stillwater and KU gets to find out what Scott Drew has up his new Adidas uniform’s sleeves in Waco.

Barring a mind-boggling upset by either Tech or TCU early in the week, here are the remaining possibilities and my assessment of the likelihood of each:

• KU wins the title outright: 44%. KU beats Baylor in Waco (66%) and K-State loses to Okie St in Stillwater (66%) • K-State wins the title outright: 11%. Baylor beats KU (33%) and K-State beats Okie St (33%) • KU and K-State tie at 14-4: 22%. KU wins (66%) and K-State wins (33%) • KU and K-State tie at 13-5: 15%. KU loses (33%), K-State loses at Stillwater (66%), and Okie St loses to Iowa ST at Ames on Wednesday (66%). • KU, K-State, and Okie St tie at 13-5: 7%. KU loses (33%), K-State loses (66%), and Okie St beats ISU in Ames on Wednesday (33%)

In sum, K-State picked up ½ game in the REAL World with its W at Baylor. Nothing of significance happened in any other game Saturday, with the projected winners prevailing at Home in each case: KU over West Virginia, Oklahoma over Iowa St, Texas Tech over TCU, and Okie ST over UT.

THE CURRENT 2013 SEASON REAL TIERS (Subject to change)

1. Tier One: ISU/KU/KSU/OU/OSU

2. Tier Two: Baylor

3. Tier Three: Texas/West Virginia

4. Tier Four: Texas Tech

5. Tier 5: TCU


1. 14.5-3.5

KU (13-3) Projected L’s: None At-risk games: at BU

2. 14-4

K-State (13-3) Projected L’s: at OSU At-risk games: None

3. 13-5

Okie St (12-4) Projected L’s: at ISU At-risk games: None

4. 12-6

Oklahoma (10-6) Projected L’s: None At-risk games: None

5. 11-7

Iowa St (9-7) Projected L’s: None At-risk games: None

6. 9-9

Baylor (8-8) Projected L’s: None At-risk games: at UT, KU

7. 6-12

W. Virginia (6-10) Projected L’s: at OU, ISU At-risk games: None

Texas (5-11) Projected L’s: None At-risk games: BU, at Tech

9. 3.5-14.5

Texas Tech (3-13) Projected L’s: at KU At-risk games: UT

10. 1-17

TCU (1-15) Projected L’s: at K-State, OU At-risk games: None

What to Watch


1. Texas Tech at KU*1/2 (6:00p.m.) (Projected W: KU)

Nothing to see here. Move along.

2. Baylor at Texas*** (8:00p.m.) (At-risk game)

Texas should have won the game in Waco without Kabongo. Of course, Baylor was without Drew. If Baylor would suspend Drew for this game, they will only have to overcome Kabongo.


3. TCU at K-State*(7:00p.m.) (Projected W: K-State)

Nothing to see here. Keep moving.


4. Okie St at Iowa St**** (6:00p.m.). (Projected W: Iowa St)

Okie St tries to keep its hopes alive for a tri-championship. ISU is in danger of moving to Bubble City. Could be a game to rival last week’s KU at Iowa St contest.

5. West Virginia at Oklahoma** (8:00p.m.) (Projected W: OU)

OU fights to the bitter end for the all-important 4 seed in the Big 12 tourney.