REAL Standings: Strictly Status Quo Edition


The early action this week was insane. That is, if you accept the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

On Monday, KU defeated Baylor in Lawrence, as projected.

On Tuesday, Texas beat K-State in Austin, as projected.

On Wednesday, West Virginia neat Texas Tech in Morgantown, as projected; and Oklahoma beat TCU in Norman, as projected.

The change in the REAL Standings?

Zero. Not so much as half a game by anyone.


1. Tier One: Iowa St, KU, Okie St

2. Tier Two: Baylor, K-State, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia

3. Tier Three: TCU, Texas Tech


1. 15-3

KU (5-0) Projected L’s: at OSU At-risk games: at UT, at Baylor, at KSU, at WVU

2. 13.5-4.5

Okie St (3-1) Projected L’s: at ISU At-risk games: at OU, at UT, at Baylor

3. 11.5-6.5

Iowa St (2-3) Projected L’s: at KU, at OSU At Risk Games: at WVU, at K-State, at Baylor

4. 10.5-7.5

Oklahoma (4-2) Projected L’s: at ISU, at WVU, at OSU, at KU At-risk games: at Tech, OSU, at TCU

5. 9.5-8.5

K-State (4-2) Projected L’s: at ISU, at WVU, at BU, at OU, at OSU At-risk games: KU, at Tech, ISU

6. 9-9

Texas (4-2) Projected L’s: at BU, at KSU, at ISU, at KU, at Tech At-risk games: KU, at TCU, OSU, at Tech

7. 8-10

W. Virginia (3-3) Projected L’s: at OSU, at BU, at KU, at UT, at ISU, at OU At-risk games: ISU, KU

8. 7-11

Baylor (2-3) Projected L’s: at OSU, at OU, at WVU, at UT, at KSU At-risk games: KU, at TCU, OSU, ISU

9. 4.5-13.5

Texas Tech (2-4) Projected L’s: at KSU, at OSU, at OU, at ISU, KU, at OSU, at BU, at KU At-risk games: OU, KSU, UT

10. 1.5-16.5

TCU (0-6) Projected L’s: KU, at Tech, at ISU, BU, at KU, at KSU, ISU, OSU, at WVU, at UT At-risk games: UT, BU, OU

Upcoming Games

All times CST


1. Texas at Baylor (12:30p.m.)* **1/2 (Projected W: BU)

Baylor grad Jason King lamented on Twitter recently that Baylor was being punished more for losing a couple of games than Iowa St. Well, there is a reason for that. First, Iowa State lost on the Road to Oklahoma St and Texas, not Texas Tech. Second, Iowa St lost at Home to KU, not Oklahoma. Third, the Mayor has his team playing hard all the time and, arguably, above its skill level. Baylor’s coach? Not so much.

That said, you couldn’t fault Baylor’s effort or execution Monday night in Lawrence. The question is can they do it again, even at Home? Or will they revert to their “What am I doing here” ways as when they lost to Oklahoma in Waco last Saturday? A loss here to a comparable team, and, well, there’s always the Big 12 Tourney.

2. K-State at Iowa St (12:45p.m.) **** (Projected W: ISU)

K-State almost picked up a full game in the REAL Standings in Austin on Tuesday. But they didn’t. Now they head into the lair of a team as good as, and probably better, than Texas. Not to mention one desperate to retain its Tier One credentials.

3. West Virginia at Okie St (1:00p.m.)* (Projected W: OSU)

Okie St looks to avenge its close call at WVU.

4. Oklahoma at Texas Tech (3:00p.m.) *** (Projected W: N/A)

Two teams whose best wins have been vs. Baylor. And Jason wonders why the Pillow Fighting Drews get no respect.

5. KU at TCU (8:00p.m.) * (Projected W: KU)

KU’s seniors lost in Fort Worth last year. How can their freshmen be expected to stand up to this challenge?

That’s all I’ve got to try to make this game seem interesting. If only the Olate dogs ( were scheduled to make an appearance at halftime as they did Monday night in Allen Fieldhouse, it would be worth the price of admission.