REAL Standings: The 21 Days Later Edition


The rich get richer.

The rich, in this case, being KU. Already in first place by 2.5 games over second place Oklahoma, the Jayhawks picked up half a game in the REAL Big 12 Standings by winning its at-risk game at Texas Tech.

And, boy, was it ever at risk.

Meanwhile, all OU could do was sit by helplessly and watch, having a midweek bye.

The two teams tied for third place—Iowa St and Texas—played each other. Iowa St gained no ground in winning as projected, and UT, of course, gained no ground by losing. Both, however, fell from 3 to 3.5 games behind the Jayhawks as a result of KU’s victory in Lubbock

Speaking of Texas, KU’s opponent this Saturday, it has been but three weeks since the less thoughtful media types declared UT a contender for the Big 12 championship. They certainly looked like it for one day, boat-racing KU in a manner seldom seen by mere mortals. And as recently as this week, most commentators, including ESPN’s Rece Davis, were still muttering nonsense about the Big 12 being a “two team race” between KU and UT.

What those commentators either forgot or fail to appreciate, looking solely to the newspaper standings for guidance, is that the game that thrust UT to the forefront of the media’s consciousness was played where?

That’s right: in Austin. On its Home court.

And what is the primary premise of the REAL Standings?

That’s right: Championships are not won at Home.

And the primary Real Standings corollary? Right again: Road games are Hard.

What the REAL Standings showed three weeks ago was that Texas had not won a single noteworthy game (Including KU in Austin) and had trips remaining to Manhattan, Ames, Lawrence, Norman, and Lubbock.

The first two of those Road trips are now history, UT having gone 0-2 in Manhattan and Ames. Their best win this season was—and still is—at West Virginia.

What’s more, they have fallen from two games back of KU after throttling the Jayhawks in Austin to 3.5 games behind heading into Saturday night’s contest in Allen Fieldhouse.

Saturday’s game is, obviously, another projected Loss for UT. Still, as mentioned in the most recent REAL Standings Report, the flip side of a projected loss is that it is an opportunity. If UT takes advantage of that opportunity, they will leave Lawrence only 1.5 games back and still breathing.

That’s not the way to bet, but neither was Boston College over Syracuse in the REAL ACC Standings equivalent of TCU beating Kansas in Lawrence.

As for other midweek games, there was no movement (other than everyone falling half a game further behind KU) as Baylor and K-State defeated their visitors from Okie St and TCU respectively.


1. Tier One: Iowa St, K-State, KU, Oklahoma, Texas

2. Tier Two: Baylor, Okie St, Texas Tech, West Virginia

3. Tier Three: TCU


1. 15-3

KU (11-2) Projected L’s: N/A At-risk games: at OSU, at WVU

2. 12-6

Oklahoma (8-5) Projected L’s: at KU At-risk games: N/A

3. 11.5-6.5

Iowa St (8-5) Projected L’s: at K-State At Risk Games: at BU

Texas (9-4) Projected L’s: at KU, at OU At-risk games: at Tech

5. 11-7

K-State (8-5) Projected L’s: at OU At-risk games: at Tech, at OSU

6. 9.5-8.5

W. Virginia (7-6) Projected L’s: at ISU, at OU At-risk games: KU

7. 6.5-11.5

Okie St (4-9) Projected L’s: at ISU At-risk games: at TCU, KU, KSU

Baylor (5- 8) Projected L’s: at WVU, at UT, at KSU At-risk games: ISU

9. 6-12

Texas Tech (5-8) Projected L’s: at OSU, at BU, at KU At-risk games: KSU, UT

10. .5-17.5

TCU (0-13) Projected L’s: ISU, at WVU, at UT, OU At-risk games: OSU

Upcoming Games

All times CST


1. Texas Tech at Okie St (12:30p.m.) **1/2 (Projected W: OSU)

Tech and Jeff Orr test the theory that payback is a bitch.

2. Baylor at West Virginia (12:30p.m.) *** (Projected W: WVU)

It is hard to imagine either of these teams losing this game and getting an invite to the Big Dance.

3. K-State at Oklahoma (3:00p.m.) **** (Projected W: OU)

Oklahoma coulda shoulda woulda won the game in Manhattan. Win this one and they just might getta gooda seeda.

4. Iowa St at TCU (3:00p.m.)*1/2 (Projected W: ISU)

Watch the K-State/Oklahoma game.

5. Texas at KU (6:30p.m.) **** (Projected W: KU)

KU couldnota wouldnota shouldnota won the game in Austin. What does that game REALly mean in the friendly confines of Allen Fiieldhouse? We will see.