REAL Standings: TC Who? Edition

Is this season going to come down to 1.8 seconds? That is the amount of time remaining in overtime when TCU scored the game winning basket last Saturday at West Virginia, knocking the Mountaineers out of the Big 12 race. Good luck on trying to win the conference with two Home losses, one of them to Texas Christian.

That state of affairs lasted for 1.8 seconds, as TCU forgot to finish the game, not REALizing that overtime lasts five minutes, not 4 minutes, 58.2 seconds.

It would have been a good idea to play defense in the final 1.8 seconds.

Not that WVU picked up any REAL ground in the title chase. But they couldn’t have. Home victories against TCU don’t let you make headway vis-a-vis other Contenders.

What it did was keep the Mountaineers’ heads above water instead of desperately seeking that elusive hole in the ice he just fell through on a frozen lake in Minnesota.

Then, after staying alive, they took full advantage of the reprieve by picking up a half game in the REAL Standings by defeating K-State in an At-Risk game in Manhattan.

If WVU ends the season as champion or co, remember that 1.8 seconds.

In other mid-week action, KU picked up half a game by holding off TCU in an At-Risk game in a high school gym; Baylor dropped a half game by losing an At-Risk game at Okie St; Iowa St, as projected, defeated Texas at Home; and Oklahoma, as projected, downed Texas Tech at Home by 45 (point spread not projected).

As a result:

1. Iowa St, Oklahoma, and West Virginia are tied for second place at 11.5-6.5. One or more will likely have to figure out a way to walk out of Lawrence with a victory for any of them to make a serious run.

2. UT is not dead yet. They showed some life in the final minutes in Ames. They have four chances to make up ground quickly with Road games remaining at Baylor, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and KU. The problem is that they pretty much have to win all four, as well as every other game remaining on their schedule.

3. The Big 12 still goes through Lawrence. The season still has two games remaining before the half-way point is reached, but a 2.5 game lead after seven games is nothing to sneeze at.

Current Tiers

Tier 1: Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia

Tier 2: K-State, Okie St, TCU

Tier 3: Texas Tech

REAL Standings:

1. 14-4

KU (6-1) Projected Losses: at WVU, at OU At risk games: at OSU, at KSU

2. 11.5-6.5

Iowa St: (5-2) Projected Losses: at KU, at OU, at UT At risk games: at OSU, at KSU, at TCU

Oklahoma (4-4) Projected Losses: at ISU At risk games: at OSU, at TCU, at KSU

West Virginia (5-2) Projected Losses: at OU, at ISU, at BU, at KU At risk games: at KSU, at OSU

5. 10-8

Baylor (3-4) Projected Losses: at WVU, at KU, at ISU, at UT At risk games: at OSU

6. 9.5-8.5

Texas (3-4) Projected Losses: at BU, at OU, at WVU, at KU At risk games: at KSU

7. 7.5-10.5

K-State (5-3) Projected Losses: at KU, at WVU, at TCU, at BU, at UT At risk games: at Tech, UT, OU, KU, ISU

Okie St (4-4) Projected Losses: at UT, at BU, at TCU, at WVU At risk games: OU, KU, ISU, WVU, at Tech

9. 5-13

TCU (1-6) Projected Losses: at ISU, at BU, at UT, at KU, at OU, at OSU At risk games: KU, OU, ISU

10. 2-16

Texas Tech (1-7) Projected Losses: at WVU, at ISU, KU, at UT, BU, OU, at TCU, at BU At risk games: KSU, OSU



1. Texas Tech at West Virginia (11:00am)1/2*(Projected W:WVU)

My eyes glaze over just thinking of Tech on the Road. Wake me when they are back in Lubbock.

2. K-State at KU (1:00pm)**** (Projected W: KU)

Hey, wreck Silo Tech!

3. TCU at Iowa St (1:00pm). ** (Projected W: ISU)

Let’s see how crowded and rowdy Hilton is when the opponent is TCU. If the place isn’t rocking with energy, this one could get interesting.

4. Texas at Baylor (5:00pm) **** (Projected W: BU)

Texas probably needs to win out. It’s a long shot, but conceivable.

Baylor needs to win out. That’s inconceivable.

5. Oklahoma at Okie St (7:00pm)**** (At-risk game)

Bedlam Round 2. OU might wish they could have saved some of those points from the Tech game.