REAL Standings: The Calm Before the Calm Edition

              Okay, Baylor. You can assume the position any time now and go away. We are coming up on the mid-point of the Big 12 season, and if midnight is not fast approaching, 6:00p.m. is. That is about as long as you can retain possession of the glass slipper.

              Or is it?

              It appeared that you understood your proper place in the scheme of things last Saturday after losing in Waco to Oklahoma without putting up much of a fight. And then, instead of fading away into oblivion, you went where wise men fear to tread, where KU was trounced one week earlier, where OU was lucky to get out alive, and departed from Stillwater with a half game pick up in the REAL Standings as victors in an at risk game.

              As a result, the Bears are the only team within a game of OU eight games into the conference race. The question is: for how long? Is it possible they have a REAL coach?

              Time will tell. Good coaches more often have bad years than bad coaches have great ones.

Not much to report from the other midweek games. All four of the projected winners prevailed at Home: Iowa St over KU; Texas over TCU (avenging their loss in Fort Worth); Oklahoma over Texas Tech; and West Virginia over K-State.

                                                                        CURRENT TIERS

1.       Kansas



West Virginia

Iowa State 

2.       K-State


Texas Tech

Okie St

3.       TCU

                                                          CURRENT PROJECTIONS

1.           13.5-4.5

              OU (6-2):           

Projected L’s (at WVU)

              At risk games (at K-State, at Tech, at UT)

2.           13-5

              Baylor (6-2):

Projected L’s (at WVU, at OU)

              At risk games (at K-State, at UT)

3.           12-6

              KU (5-3):            

Projected L’s (at OU, at BU)

              At risk games (at K-State, at UT)

WVU (6-2):        

Projected L’s (at ISU, at KU, at BU)

              At risk games (at UT, at Okie St)

5.           11-7

ISU (5-3):

Projected L’s (at BU, at WVU, at KU)

              At risk games (at Okie St, at Tech)

6.           8-10

              UT (5-3):            

Projected L’s (at BU, at OU, at ISU at K-State, at Okie St)

              At risk games (vs. WVU, Vs. BU, vs. OU, vs. KU)

7.           6.5-11.5

Okie State (2-6): 

Projected L’s (at Tech, at KU, at OU, at ISU)

              At risk games (vs. ISU, at TCU, vs. WVU)

8.           6-12

              Texas Tech (2-6):

Projected L’s (at UT, at BU, at OSU, at KU, at WVU)

              At risk games (vs. ISU, vs, OU)

K-State (2-6):

Projected L’s (at KU, at OSU, at ISU, at Tech)

At risk games (vs. OU, vs. BU, at TCU, vs. KU)

10.         2-16

TCU (1-7):

Projected L’s (at OU, vs. KU, at WVU, at ISU, at Tech, vs. BU, at K-State, vs. OU)

At risk games: (vs. Okie St, vs. K-State)

                                                          AS SEEN ON TV

SATURDAY: Big 12/SEC Challenge

11:00a.m.: West Virginia at Florida (ESPN) (Projected W:  WVU)

11:00a.m.: Vanderbilt at Texas (ESPN2) (Projected W: Texas)

1:00p.m.: Ole Miss at K-State (ESPNU)  (Projected W: K-State)

1:00p.m.: Tennessee at TCU (ESPN2) (Projected W: TCU)

1:00p.m.: Iowa St at Texas A&M (ESPN)  (Projected W: ISU)

4:00p.m.: Oklahoma at LSU (ESPN) (Projected W: Oklahoma)

5:00p.m.: Georgia at Baylor (ESPN2) (Projected W: Baylor)

6:00p.m.: Kentucky at Kansas (ESPN) (Projected W: Kansas)

7:00p.m.: Okie St at Auburn (ESPN2) (Projected W: Okie St)