A Buddy in Need Is a Buddy Indeed Edition


              The rest of the Big 12 dodged a bullet Monday night courtesy of Buddy Hield. The likely player of the year’s 3 pointer in the final five seconds vs. Texas kept OU tied with West Virginia atop the REAL Standings. UT had threatened for 39 minutes and fifty-five seconds to pick up its third big Road W of the season and take control of the league race with the proverbial Double-Whammy: having the best REAL record AND the easiest remaining schedule.

              Had they won, UT would have a Projected record of 13-5 with their most difficult Road games remaining being at Iowa St and K-State (what with Tier 2 Okie St not looking competitive these days). Meanwhile, their closest competition would have been WVU at 12.5-.5 and KU, Baylor, and OU at 11.5-6.5, all with the following Road games ahead of them:

·       KU: at OU, at Baylor, at Texas, at Tier 2 K-State

·       Baylor: at UT, at OU

·       OU:  at West Virginia, at UT, at Tier 2 Tech

·       West Virginia: at UT, at Baylor (and OSU)

Iowa St, at 10-8 would have been a lost cause regardless.

Because Hield did what Hield does, UT remains only in the thick of the Big 12 race instead of looking down at everyone else as if they were the Joneses.

By the by, that game was a projected W for OU, meaning their victory effected no change in the REAL Standings.

              Two at risk games that did have a meaningful effect on the REAL Standings were Baylor, picking up half a game by defeating K-State in Manhattan and Iowa St being put out of its regular season misery by dropping half a game at Texas Tech. Baylor’s W, on the other hand, pulled them even with third place Texas and moved them a half game ahead of fifth place KU.

              In an at-risk game of minimal import, TCU won at Home vs. now toothless Okie St. (Did KU ever choose the wrong time to play them in Stillwater.)

In other mid-week action, KU beat West Virginia at Home as projected. No change in the RS there.

                                                                        CURRENT TIERS

1.       Oklahoma

West Virginia




Iowa State

2.       K-State

Texas Tech

Okie St

3.       TCU

                                                          HOW WE GOT HERE

Good W’s (Road wins at Power 6 venues):

·       Texas (at WVU, at Baylor)

·       Oklahoma (at Baylor)

·       West Virginia (at Iowa St)

·       Baylor (at Iowa St)

·       KU and ISU (None)

Bad L’s (Losses at Home or at TCU):

·       KU and OU (None)

·       WVU (vs. UT)

·       UT (at TCU)

·       Baylor (vs. OU, vs. UT)

·       ISU (vs. Baylor, vs. WVU)

                                                                        CURRENT PROJECTIONS

1.           12.5-5.5

              OU (8-3):           

Projected L’s (at WVU, at UT)

              At risk games (at Tech)

              WVU (8-3)

              Projected L’s (at UT, at Baylor)

              At risk games (at OSU)

3.           12-6

              UT (7-4):            

Projected L’s (at ISU)

              At risk games (at K-State, at Okie St)

              Baylor (7-4):

Projected L’s (at UT, at OU)

              At risk games: None

5.           11.5-6.5             

KU (8-3):            

Projected L’s (at OU, at BU, at UT)

              At risk games (at K-State)

6.           10-8

ISU (6-5):

Projected L’s (at BU, at WVU, at KU)

              At risk games (at Tech) 

7.           6.5-11.5

              Texas Tech (3-7):

Projected L’s (at BU, at OSU, at KU, at WVU)

              At risk games (vs, OU)

8.           6-12

K-State (3-8):

Projected L’s (at OSU, at ISU, at Tech)

At risk games (at TCU, vs. KU, vs. UT)

9.           5-13

Okie State (2-9): 

Projected L’s (at KU, at OU, at ISU)

At risk games (vs. WVU, vs. UT)

10.         2.5-15.5

TCU (2-9):

Projected L’s (at WVU, at ISU, at Tech, vs. BU, at K-State, vs. OU)

At risk games: (vs. K-State)

                                                          AS SEEN ON TV


11:00a.m.: TCU at West Virginia (ESPNU)* (Projected W: WVU)

              The Horned Frogs are on a mission to extend their winning streak to 2. Reminds me of a fellow I knew in college named Frank Chance. Nicknamed “Fat.”

12:00 noon: K-State at Okie St (ESPNN)**(Projected W: OSU)

              Is Okie St REALly a projected winner against anyone anywhere at this point? Not that it makes any difference.

1:30p.m.: KU at Oklahoma (ESPN)********** (Projected W: OU)

Believe it or not, a W here puts the Jayhawks in the driver’s seat for their 12th straight Big 12 championship. (At least as long as Iowa St beats UT in Ames.) And all that stands between KU and that W is Buddy Hield and a team bent on revenge for that 3 overtime game.

That is all.

7:00p.m.: Texas Tech at Baylor (ESPNU)*** (Projected W: Baylor)

              Tubby Smith vs. Scott Drew. So there’s a chance.

7:30p.m.: Texas at Iowa St (ESPN)*** (Projected W: ISU)

              UT’s most likely 5th loss, which would make their ceiling 13 wins.  That would be good news for everyone not likely to make it to 14. Which, at the moment, looks like just about everybody.