REAL STANDINGS: The It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over Edition


               In the most recent edition of the REAL Standings, it was noted that there is no shame in losing to Texas Tech, especially on the Road.

               Nevertheless, Oklahoma will rue the day it lost to the Fighting Tubbies.  A win in that at-risk game in Lubbock last Wednesday would have them tied with KU at the top of the REAL Standings at this very moment, with a reasonable opportunity to win the thing outright.

              As it is, the full game OU picked up at West Virginia by winning a Projected Loss Game merely brought the Sooners from 1.5 games back to within one game of KU, while dragging West Virginia back to the pack like one kid pulling down and climbing over another in a spirited game of King of the Hill.

              KU managed to maintain its lead over Oklahoma by winning its at-risk game at K-State. Otherwise, they would have dropped 1.5 games to OU in one day and dropped into a tie with the Sooners and Baylor, projecting out at 12-6 instead of 13-5.

              In the other Saturday game of note, Baylor traded places with Texas at 12-6 by clobbering UT in a Projected Loss Game in Austin.  

In other action, Texas Tech moved a full game up the ladder toward .500 with its Projected Loss victory at Okie St; and Iowa St won its Home game, as projected, against TCU.

                                                                        CURRENT TIERS

1.       Oklahoma

West Virginia




Iowa State

2.       K-State

Texas Tech

Okie St

3.       TCU

                                                          HOW WE GOT HERE

Good W’s (Road wins at Power 6 venues):

·       Texas (at WVU, at Baylor)

·       Oklahoma (at Baylor, at WVU)

·       West Virginia (at Iowa St)

·       Baylor (at Iowa St, at Texas)

·       KU (at Oklahoma)

·       ISU (None)

Bad L’s (Losses at Home or at TCU):

·       KU (None)

·       WVU (vs. UT, vs. OU)

·       OU (vs. KU)

·       UT (at TCU, vs. Baylor)

·       Baylor (vs. OU, vs. UT, vs. Tech)

·       ISU (vs. Baylor, vs. WVU)

                                                                        CURRENT PROJECTIONS

1.           13-5

KU (11-3):          

Projected L’s (at BU, at UT)

              At risk games: None

2.           12-6

              OU (9-5):           

Projected L’s (at UT)

              At risk games: None

              Baylor (9-5):

Projected L’s (at OU)

              At risk games: None

4.           11.5-6.5

              WVU (9-5)

              Projected L’s (at Baylor)

              At risk games (at OSU)

5.           11-7

              UT (8-6):            

Projected L’s: None

              At risk games (at K-State, at Okie St)

6.           10-8

ISU (8-6):

Projected L’s (at WVU, at KU)

              At risk games: None      

7.           8-10

              Texas Tech (7-7):

Projected L’s (at OSU, at KU, at WVU)

              At risk games: None

8.           5.5-12.5

K-State (4-10)

Projected L’s (at ISU, at Tech)

At risk games (vs. UT)

9.           5-13

Okie State (3-11): 

Projected L’s (at OU, at ISU)

At risk games (vs. WVU, vs. UT)

10.         2-16

TCU (2-12):

Projected L’s (at Tech, vs. BU, at K-State, vs. OU)

At risk games: None

                                                          AS SEEN ON TV


6:00p.m.: Texas at K-State (ESPNU)***1/2 (At-risk)

              Texas had climbed to within shouting distance of the Big 12 lead and a possible title by executing. By making plays when plays needed to be made. By not beating themselves. By paying attention to detail. Heaven knows, their individual talent level is no better than that of a number of Big 12 teams. But they have a good mix of experience and youth, led by junior Isaiah Taylor and competent seniors Javan Felix, Conner Lammert, and Prince “Don’t call me PayPal” Ibeh.

              Saturday afternoon, all that experience and savvy play went by the wayside as UT played two hours of basketball that was the antithesis of who they appeared to be for a number of weeks. They were so bad, they resembled KU in Stillwater.

              UT’s chances of winning the Big 12 ae now, REAListically, out the window.  They are playing primarily for seeding in the Big 12 Tournament of Redundancy and March Madness. And Manhattan will not be an easy place to regain their swagger. Let’s see if they can stand up to the challenge presented by the Sandstorm of Doom they will encounter in the Flint Hills.

8:00p.m.: Iowa St at West Virginia (ESPN) ***1/2 (Projected W: WVU)        

              West Virginia trails KU by 1.5 games after losing its Projected Win Game to Oklahoma in Morgantown. They can pick up a game at Baylor and a half game at Okie St. Voila: They are tied for the Big 12 championship. Well, as long as KU cooperates and loses at both Baylor and Texas (not out of the question); or matches a win in either or both of those games with a loss to Texas Tech or Iowa St in Lawrence (a don’t hold your breath proposition).


7:00 p.m.: KU at Baylor (ESPN2)**** (Projected W: Baylor)

              Baylor can stay within one REAL game of KU with a victory here and then pick up the game they need to catch the Jayhawks when they play OU in Noman.

The Jayhawks, on the other hand, by picking up their second victory in a Projected Loss Game (the first being at OU), can do everything but clinch an un-shared Big 12 title.

8:00p.m.: TCU at Texas Tech (ESPN3)* (Projected W: Tech)

              Could be the game that decides whether 60% or 70% of the Big 12’s teams receive invites to the Big Dance.


8:00p.m.: Okie St at OU (ESPNU)**1/2 (Projected W: OU)

       Oklahoma, like Baylor and West Virginia, has a schedule that presents it with an opportunity to pick up the ground it needs to catch KU. The Sooners are one game back of the Jayhawks in the REAL Standings and have a chance to pick up that game in Austin. Then win their other games (vs. OU and Baylor and at TCU) while hoping KU lost the day before AND will lose at Texas.