REAL Standings: Brought to you by the Number 12 Edition

    Absolutely no movement in the REAL Standings on Saturday. KU beat Texas Tech at Home, as projected; Texas beat Oklahoma at Home, as projected; Iowa St beat K-State at Home, as projected; West Virginia beat Tier 3 Okie St on the Road, as projected; and Baylor beat Tier 3 TCU on the Road, as projected.     

    However, the mere fact of taking another game off the schedule resulted in winnowing the field of challengers to KU’s quest for an undisputed championship to West Virginia. Although Texas and Oklahoma are both within two REAL games with two games remaining on everyone’s schedule, the Jayhawks have but one chance to lose a game that will affect their REAL record (i.e., Saturday to Iowa St); and only West Virginia can pick up a REAL game (i.e., Saturday at Baylor). Meaning there is a chance for both teams to finish 13-5 when the REAL Standings merge with those dutifully recorded in the paper.

The best OU and UT can do is maintain their current projected record of 12-6.

                    CURRENT TIERS

1.    Oklahoma
West Virginia
Iowa State 

2.    K-State
Texas Tech

3.    Okie St

                HOW WE GOT HERE 

Good W’s (Road wins at Power 6 venues):
•    Texas (at WVU, at Baylor)
•    Oklahoma (at Baylor, at WVU)
•    West Virginia (at Iowa St)
•    Baylor (at Iowa St, at Texas)
•    KU (at Oklahoma, at Baylor)
•    ISU (None)

Bad L’s (Losses at Home or at TCU/Okie St):
•    KU (at Okie St)
•    WVU (vs. UT, vs. OU)
•    OU (vs. KU)
•    UT (at TCU, vs. Baylor)
•    Baylor (vs. OU, vs. UT, vs. Tech, vs. KU)
•    ISU (vs. Baylor, vs. WVU)

                    CURRENT PROJECTIONS

1.    14-4
        KU (13-3):     
        Projected L’s (at UT)
    At risk games: None

2.        12-6

    OU (10-6):     
        Projected L’s: None
    At risk games: None

    WVU (11-5)
    Projected L’s (at Baylor)
    At risk games: None 

        UT (10-6):     
        Projected L’s: None
    At risk games: None

5.    11-7

         Baylor (10-6): 
         Projected L’s (at OU)
    At risk games: None

6.    10-8

        ISU (9-7): 
        Projected L’s (at KU)
    At risk games: None    

7.    9-9
    Texas Tech (8-8):
         Projected L’s (at WVU)
         At risk games: None

8.    5-13
        K-State (4-12)
        Projected L’s (at Tech)
        At risk games: None

9.    3-15

        Okie State (3-13):  
        Projected L’s (at ISU, vs. UT)
        At risk games: None

10.     2-16

        TCU (2-14): 
        Projected L’s (at K-State, vs. OU)
        At risk games: None

                AS SEEN ON TV


6:00p.m.: Okie St at Iowa St (ESPNU)* (Projected W: ISU)

    The Cyclones should be well rested for their game in Lawrence Saturday afternoon.

8:00p.m.: KU at Texas (ESPN) **** (Projected W: UT)

The Jayhawks have clinched a share of the Big 12 title. This is to clinch it outright. Two obstacles to overcome: 

1.    Texas. This has been a projected W for UT for weeks, being at Home.
2.    The Jayhawks have clinched a share of the Big 12 title. Will they maintain their intensity and focus? If they’re lucky, Shaka “OU Sucks” Smart will open his mouth before the game. Also, no 22-0 runs.


7:00 p.m.: Baylor at Oklahoma (ESPN2)**** (Projected W: OU)

A projected loss for the Bears. However, they are the Big 12’s best Road team to this point in the season at 6-2. If they make it 7-2, they will set up a battle royal with West Virginia Saturday in Waco (where they are Tier 1’s worst Home team at 2-4 vs. opponents not named Okie St or TCU). If they win that game for a 12-6 record and at least a tie for 2nd place, maybe their detractors will be forced to acknowledge that they have a REAL coach. 

That’s only two If’s. 

6:00p.m.: Texas Tech at West Virginia (ESPNU)***1/2 (Projected W: WVU)

If Texas wins as projected Monday night, West Virginia will be playing to keep its hopes alive for a share of the Big 12 championship.  If KU wins Monday, and WVU has a letdown, Tech has a REAListic chance of finishing the season above .500.
7:00p.m.: TCU at K-State (ESPNFC)* (Projected W: K-State)

Pretty much a Must Win game for K-State if they want to extend their season with an invite to the Little Dance and the chance to play in both the Big and Little Apples that comes with it.