First, the ESPN Dumbass Question of the Week.

Is this week’s biggest Dumbass on the World Wide Leader in Dumbassdom (non-political category):

  • Former Duke PG Jayson Williams? At Gameday for the Miami Duke game, he pulled his shirt up to reveal a tee-shirt that said, “I still love Christian Laettner.” He turned around. The backside read, “I still love Grayson Allen.” The Duke students went wild. Jayson ate it up.

Uh, Jayson, you are no longer on Duke’s payroll. You are not John Anderson. Be a professional.

  • Former Duke assistant coach Chris Spatola? At halftime of the West Virginia game at K-State, while showing the highlights of KU’s victory vs. Texas, he blurts out, “If the Big 12 is so good, why has Kansas won it 12 years in a row?” Uh, Chris, I had never heard of you before this comment, but here’s an idea: Do some research before saying something stupid. Think before you speak. Do you know who Bill Self is? Do you know what he does?


  • As the 5 minute mark approached in the Baylor game at TCU, the commentator (I didn’t catch his name and don’t know his affiliation with Duke), said something to the effect of, “The team that wins close games is usually the one that gets the most stops in the last five minutes.”

 Well, Duh! That is pretty much the same as saying, “The team that wins close games is                usually the one that scores the most points in the last five minutes.”

And the ESP-D goes to Jayson Williams. The others were not unprofessional; they simply made dumb comments on the fly. That wouldn’t even get them nominated in the political category.

As for Saturday’s games, we again have a tie at the top of the Big 12 standings. Baylor erased the half game they trailed KU by matching the Jayhawks’ W at TCU in its at-risk game in Fort Worth.

West Virginia, in the meantime, took another half-step backwards, losing its at-risk game at K-State. The Mountaineers are beginning to lose contact with KU and Baylor, falling 2.5 REAL games behind the co-leaders.

In the Fight for Fourth (not to be confused with the Firth of Forth—that’s in Scotland), Iowa St picked up a full game by downing Oklahoma in Norman in OT in a game it was projected to lose; while K-State climbed a half rung up the ladder toward being the Best of the Rest with its victory over WVU.

Okie St also picked up a full game with its unprojected W at Texas Tech, thrusting it upward from sole possession of last place into a tie with Texas.


                                                   CURRENT TIERS

Tier 1:

KU, Baylor, West Virginia

Tier 2:

Iowa St, K-State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Texas, TCU, Texas Tech,



  1. 14-4

KU (7-0)

Projected L’s (at WVU, at BU)

At risk games (at K-State, at Tech, at UT, at OSU)


Baylor (6-1)

Projected L’s (at KU)

At risk games (at OSU, at Tech, at ISU, at UT)

  1. 11.5-6.5

WVU (4-3) 

Projected L’s (at KU, at BU)

At risk games (at ISU, at OU, at TCU


  1. 9-9

ISU (4-3)

Projected L’s (at KU, at UT, at K-State, at Tech, at WVU)

At risk games (vs. WVU, vs. BU


  1. 8.5-9.5


K-State (4-3)


Projected L’s (at ISU, at BU, at WVU, at UT, at OU, at TCU)

At risk games (KU)                                      

  1. 7.5-10.5


Projected L’s (at OSU, at K-State, at BU, at ISU, at KU, at OU)

At risk games: (vs. WVU)


  1. 7-11

Tech (3-4)

Projected L’s (at BU, at UT, at TCU, at WVU, at OSU, at K-State)

At risk games (vs. KU, vs. BU)


  1. 6.5-11.5

OU (2-5)

     Projected L’s (at UT, at Tech, at ISU, at OSU, at BU, at KU) 

At risk games (vs. WVU)


  1. 6-12

UT (1-6)

Projected L’s (at TCU, at OSU, at OU, at WVU, at Tech)

At risk games (vs. KU, vs. BU)


Okie State (1-6) 

Projected L’s (at OU, at WVU, at TCU, at K-State, at ISU)

At risk games (vs. BU, vs. KU)

                                         AS SEEN ON TV


  1. TCU at Okie St (6:p.m.) (ESPNU) (Projected W: Okie St)***

These two teams are a major reason the Big 12 is the best conference in the land, notwithstanding Bill Walton’s claim that the honor belongs to his “Conference of Champions.” The Big 12 has no Tier 3 teams (defined as being a gimme game even on the Road for the teams in Tier One).                                   

  1. Oklahoma at Texas (8:00p.m.) (ESPN) (Projected W: UT)***

Two more reasons. As both teams have shown, there are no days off, even for Tier One teams at Home, in this league.



  1. KU at West Virginia (6:00p.m.) (ESPN) (Projected W: WVU)****

     The Jayhawks play this game with house money: A Win at the venue of Baylor’s only loss, and KU not only takes control of the Big 12 race, but WVU goes on life support. A loss maintains the status quo, which, for KU, is not all bad.                        

  1. K-State at Iowa St (8:00p.m.) (ESPNU) (Projected W: ISU)****

The fourth place equivalent to KU/West Virginia. K-State’s opportunity to take the inside track in that quest for respectability.



  1. Texas Tech at Baylor (7:00p.m.) (ESPN News) (Projected W: Baylor)***

This game could test the theory that there are no gimmes in this league. Or not. It could well go down to the last five minutes where the winner will likely be either the team that gets the most stops or scores the most points.