Real Standings: REALLY Big Monday Edition


          Some folks probably thought I was joking last time when I said noted that Texas Tech was damn good at Home. After all, this is Texas freaking Tech we’re talking about, which is like saying the KU football team is damn good in Lawrence.

          However, this is not your father’s (or even your big brother’s) Tech team. If the Red Raiders could play all their games in Lubbock, they would be a lock for the NCAA Tournament and a candidate for the Sweet 16.

          In 1980, Mac Davis sang, “Happiness is Lubbock, Texas in my rear-view mirror.” Thanks to Josh Jackson, KU is singing those words 37 years later. What’s more, the Jayhawks’ spirits are buoyed even higher by the fact that Lubbock is in Baylor’s front view windshield.  The Flatlanders, having already taken down West Virginia in Lubbock, are in position to determine the Big 12 champion.

          As an aside, KU being damn good at Home in football might not be as far down the Road as you might imagine. Check back in 2018.

The upshot of KU’s victory Saturday in a game that was at-risk for 39 minutes and 57.2 seconds, is KU claims sole possession of first place for the time being, moving a half-game ahead of Baylor.

          But before we get to Baylor, let’s get this edition of “Basketball Announcers’ Funniest Audios” out of the way, inasmuch as this installment happened in Lubbock.

          Tech has two players who played at Seward County Community College in Liberal, Kansas. Miles Simon pointed out for some reason that this was near Lawrence. Well, it is in the same way that Oakland is near San Diego.  Liberal is 90 miles closer to Lubbock then it is to Lawrence. And your name is MILES!

          Back to second place Baylor which fell a half game behind KU while stomping TCU at Home. Having been projected to prevail in that game, this particular win had zero effect on the Bears’ REAL record--as compared to this Monday night’s at-risk game in Lubbock.

          Same story with West Virginia, who lost a half game to the Jayhawks despite its projected victory at Home over K-State.

          The other two Saturday games, likewise, resulted in no REAL change in anyone’s record. Okie St and Iowa State won as projected (and handily) at Home vs. Texas and Oklahoma respectively, the conference’s two worst teams.


                                                   CURRENT TIERS

Tier 1:

KU, Baylor, West Virginia

Tier 2:

Iowa St, K-State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Texas, TCU, Texas Tech,



  1. 14-4

KU (10-2)

Projected L’s (at BU)

At risk games (at UT, at OSU)


  1. 13.5-4.5

Baylor (9-3)

Projected L’s: None

At risk games (at Tech, at ISU, at UT)

  1. 11.5-6.5

WVU (8-4) 

Projected L’s (at KU, at BU)

At risk games (at TCU)                                

  1. 9.5-8.5

ISU (7-5)

Projected L’s (at K-State, at Tech, at WVU)

At risk games (vs. BU)

  1. 8.5-9.5

TCU (6-6)

Projected L’s (at ISU, at KU, at OU)

At risk games: (vs. WVU)


  1. 8-10


K-State (5-7)


Projected L’s (at UT, at OU, at TCU)

At risk games: N.A                                      


  1. 7.5-10.5

Okie State (5-7) 

Projected L’s (at TCU, at K-State, at ISU)

At risk games (vs. KU)


  1. 6.5-11.5

Tech (4-8)

Projected L’s (at WVU, at OSU, at K-State)

At risk games (vs. BU)

  1. 6-12

UT (4-8)

Projected L’s (at OU, at WVU, at Tech)

At risk games (vs. KU, vs. BU)

  1. 5-13

OU (2-10)

     Projected L’s (at OSU, at BU, at KU) 

At risk games: N.A.


                                         AS SEEN ON TV


1.Baylor at Texas Tech (6:00p.m.) (ESPNU) (at-risk game) ********

           This week’s schedule is frontloaded. If things fall right, the Big 12 race could be all over but the shouting before the sun rises in West Virginia on Valentine’s Day. The first domino that needs to fall is Baylor at Texas Tech. The Red Raiders did everything but beat Baylor in Waco. If they finish the job in Lubbock, where they are damn good, the Bears will be reduced to hoping and praying for a share of their first straight Big 12 championship. Pending, of course, what happens two hours later in Lawrence.

        But what if Baylor wins in Lubbock? Then they are Damn Good.

  1. West Virginia at KU (8:00p.m.) (ESPN) (Projected W: KU) **********

          Need I mention that this is a monster game? West Virginia either wins and stays in the race or loses and turns its attention to the conference and NCAA tournaments.

          A W for the Jayhawks, and No. 13 nears REALity. With five games remaining, their last major stumbling block would be Okie St in Stillwater. (Not that defeating OU and TCU at Home and Texas on the Road are sure things, but the Jayhawks are projected to win the first two and will be a heavy betting favorite to win the at-risk game at UT.) (But what about Waco, you say? That’s what they call playing with house money: with a victory, the Jayhawks can pick up two REAL games on Baylor; they cannot lose any REAL ground, being a Projected Loss and all.)

          A second Home loss for the Jayhawks Monday night, however, and all bets are off.

          On the other hand, when was the last time a Bill Self team lost two consecutive games at Allen Fieldhouse? That did not even happen when he was at Oral Roberts, Tulsa, or Illinois.


  1. Texas at Oklahoma (8:00p.m.) (ESPN2) (Projected W: OU) ****

      Wake me up when the State Fair rolls around in October.


  1. Iowa St at K-State (6:00p.m.) (ESPN2) (Projected W: K-State) ***1/2

     At this point, every game is a big game for K-State’s post-season aspirations.

  1. Okie St at TCU (8:00p.m.) (ESPNU) (Projected W: TCU) **1/2

     Like Tech, TCU is not bad at Home this year, either.