Yes, Saturday’ll be the day. If KU wins. If that happen, the Jayhawks will clinch at least a share of their 14th straight conference title. 

            And if KU doesn’t win? Then Saturday won’t be the day. That’ll be the beginning of a wild week that could result in any one of four teams winning the Big 12 title outright or sharing it with one, two, or all three of the others. 

                                                                                CURRENT TIERS

Tier 1:

·         KU- (Home W vs. OU)—Well, that was easy. KU led for 39 minutes, 11 seconds,  

·         Texas Tech (Road L at Okie St)—Tech can take comfort in the knowledge that KU still has to go to Stillwater. 

·         West Virginia (Road W at BU)—The Mountaineers need a lot of help, but they did what they could do in Waco. You can only do what you can do.

Tier 2

·         K-State (Home W vs. UT)—K-State is now 9-0 vs. everyone whose mascots are not Jayhawks, Mountaineers, and Red Raiders. Don’t laugh: 12-0 against those teams could result in a conference championship.

·         TCU (Road W at ISU)— The good news is that the Horned Frogs are in good shape to go .500 in league play. The bad news is they can forget about defending their NIT Title.

·         Baylor (Home L vs, WVU)—Why do I suspect that if Bill Self and Scott Drew had switched players this year, KU would still be on the verge of a conference championship, and Baylor would still be mired in Tier 2?

·         Oklahoma (Road L at KU)—How low can the Sooners go? And how much grief will Lon Kruger and Trae take for it?

·       Texas (Road L at K-State)— Why do I suspect that if Bill Self and Shaka Smart had switched players this year, KU would still be on the verge of a conference championship, and UT would still be mired in Tier 2? 

·         Okie St (Home W vs. Tech)—For you psych majors: Is Okie St schizophrenic or bipolar?  

·        Iowa State (Home L vs. TCU)—Maybe, just maybe, ISU is just bad.


                                                                CURRENT PROJECTIONS

1.         12.5-5.5

              KU (11-4):              Projected L’s (at Tech)

                                At risk games (at OSU)

2.         12-6

            Texas Tech (10-5):     Projected L’s: (at WVU)                                At risk games: N.A. 


3.        11.5-6.5

            WVU (9-6):          Projected L’s: N.A.

                                At risk games (at UT)

4.        10-8

 K-State (9-6): Projected L’s (at OU, at TCU)

At risk games: N.A.

5.         9-9

TCU (7-8):            Projected L’s: (at Tech)

                                At risk games: N.A

6.         8-10

Baylor (7-8): Projected L’s (at TCU, at K-State)

                                At risk games: N.A.

OU (6-9):              Projected L’s: (at BU)

                                At risk games: N.A.

8.            7.5-10.5

             UT (6-9): Projected L’s (at KU)

                At risk games (vs. WVU)

9.           6.5-11.5

Okie St (6-9):  Projected L’s (at UT at ISU,)

                At risk games (vs. KU)

 10.       5-13

            ISU (4-11): Projected L’s (at WVU, at OU)

                At risk games: N.A,

                                                                AS SEEN ON TV


11:00a.m.: Baylor at TCU (ESPN2)**** (Projected W: TCU)

            Desperation time for Baylor after having its 5-game winning streak snapped by WVU in Waco. 

1:00p.m.: Okie St at Texas (LHN)*** (Projected W: UT)

            Talk about desperate. UT cannot afford another loss at Home; and, Wednesday aside, Okie State plays its best ball on the Road.

3:15p.m.: KU at Texas Tech (ESPN)********** (Projected W: Tech)

            Not long ago, KU was stinking up the place against Tech and Okie St in Lawrence, Baylor in Waco, and Oklahoma in Norman. Suddenly, they are playing in the Game of the Year. You could call them a Cinderella story--if Cinderella had crushed her step-sisters 13 Royal Balls in a row. 

5:00p.m. K-State at OU (ESPN2) *** (Projected W: OU)

            The Oklahoma Sooners are so desperate for a victory—"How desperate are they?”---"They are so desperate for a victory, they are jealous of KU’s football team.”

5:00p.m.: Iowa State at West Virginia (ESPNU)*** (Projected W: WVU)

            The closest thing to a gimme in this league.