Duck was a puppy the last time KU did not claim at least a share of the Big 12 title. If he can hold on until the next time KU is left out in the Big 12 cold, he just might become the world’s oldest canine.  better be good stuff.

            Speaking of which, is it too early to start talking 15 in ‘19? The Jayhawks figure to be bigger, stronger, and deeper next year. More follow shots, more layups, fewer jump shots for KU; fewer follow shots, fewer layups, more jump shots for their opponents. The big question: Where will the leadership come from?

                                                                                CURRENT TIERS

Tier 1:

·         KU- (Home W vs. Texas)—Texas Tech took its toll on the Jayhawks. After jumping to an early double-digit lead, they played with all the motivation of an exhibition game against Emporia State. A team Texas resembled playing without Bamba, Jones, and Davis. Still, when all was said and done, it added up to 14 divided by 1.

·         West Virginia (Home W vs Texas Tech)—A 21-3 start. Talk about taking out a season’s worth of frustration .

·         Texas Tech (Road L at WVU)—How much did the KU Loss take out of Tech?  A 3-21 start should give you a clue. (It took a lot out of KU, too, but they got UT minus three key players at Home, not West Virginia on a mission on the Road.)

Tier 2

·         K-State (Road L at TCU)—Zero for two on the Road in four days. That’s life in the Big 12.

·         TCU (Home W vs K-State)— The Horned Frogs pick up their fourth consecutive conference W (for the first time in 20 years) to climb above .500 after a 1-4 start. Which is why Kenpom has them at No. 20.

·         Baylor (Home W vs OU)—Who knows which Baylor team you will see on a given night?

·         Oklahoma (Road L at Baylor)—After the Sooners beat K-State on Saturday, we wondered whether that was an “OU can’t suck forever” moment or a “lightbulb finally coming on” moment. Now we know.

·       Texas (Road L at KU)—Like bringing a pocketknife to a gun fight, but reaching into your pocket and REALizing you forgot the knife.

·         Okie St (Road W at ISU)—Season sweep of the Cyclones. They try for the more unlikely sweep in Stillwater Saturday.

·        Iowa State (Home L vs OSU)—Not a full house, but it’s kind of magical that the ISU fans would fill 70% of the arena with a team that is going nowhere and getting there fast.

                                                  CURRENT PROJECTIONS

1.         13.5-4.5

              KU (13-4):              Projected L’s: N.A.

                                At risk games (at OSU)

2.         11.5-6.5

            WVU (11-6):          Projected L’s: N.A.

                                At risk games (at UT)

3.         11-7

            Texas Tech (10-7):    

                                At risk games: N.A. 

4.        10-8

 K-State (9-8): 

At risk games: N.A.

5.         9-9

TCU (9-8):            Projected L’s: (at Tech)

                                At risk games: N.A

6.         8-10

Baylor (8-9): Projected L’s (at K-State)

                                At risk games: N.A.

OU (7-10):     Projected L’s: N.A.

                                At risk games: N.A.

8.            7.5-10.5

             UT (7-10): Projected L’s: N.A.

                At risk games (vs. WVU)

Okie St (7-10):  Projected L’s: N.A.

                At risk games (vs. KU)

 10.       4-14

            ISU (4-13): Projected L’s (at OU)

                At risk games: N.A,

                                                    AS SEEN ON TV


8:00p.m.: Iowa State at Oklahoma ** (ESPN2) (Projected W: OU)

Trae is always entertaining. Iowa St on the Road? Not so much.


11:00a.m.: West Virginia at Texas (ESPN2)**** (at-risk game)

Will Modus Operandi Bamba play? If so, this might be a game worth watching. A b gigame for UT’s post-season prospects.           

1:00p.m.: Baylor at K-State (ESPN2)***1/2 (Projected W: K-State )

A Baylor W throws the middle of the Big 12 into chaos with the likelihood of three teams finishing at 9-9. A K-State victory gives it a shot at a share of third place. Which, to hear Joe Lunardi tell it, would make the EMAWs one of the Last Four teams in—if they win 5 games in the Big 12 tournament. 

3:00p.m.: KU at Oklahoma St (ESPN)**** (at-risk game)

Will Okie St become the first Big 12 team to sweep Bill Self? More importantly, will Silvio De Sousa get some meaningful court time?

3:00p.m. TCU at Texas Tech (ESPN2) **** (Projected W: Tech)


The last thing Tech needs is to finish the season with a five game losing streak after being 22-3 (10-3 in conference play), ranked No. 6 in the country, and widely considered to be the Big 12’s best team just two weeks ago.