If you doubt the efficacy of the REAL Standings while putting your faith in the Fake Media standings. JUST STOP!

            The Fake Media Standings show a four-way tie atop the Big 12 Standings with Texas Tech, K-State, KU and Iowa State all sporting 4-2 records.  

            The REAL Standings tell a different story. K-State is in first place with a Projected Record of 12-6, a full game ahead 2nd place of TCU and Iowa State (11-5), and 1.5 games ahead of Tech, Texas, and K.U, all tied for fourth place at 10.5-7.5.

            The Jayhawks, in fact, if not on life support with 12 games remaining, are in the Emergency Room as a result of their Loss to Bottom Feeder West Virginia (aka BFWV).

            The Jayhawks not only suffered a devastating Loss in Morgantown but no longer have the game at West Virginia in front of them to relish. Every other team that might win the championship does, with the exception of Texas Tech which has already banked that W.

            The question, which the Fake Media Standings don’t ask or even try to answer, is, “Where is KU going to make that game up?

            Yes, they are still undefeated at Home. If they remain that way, that could eventually negate the loss in Morgantown. But even if they run the table at Home, they will need some number of Road Wins somewhere. If not at West Virginia, where? And if they turn the ball over 20 times—which is their average in their two Road Losses—how do they win anywhere?

            Bottom line: Fran Fraschilla’s wildest dream is within reach despite the 4-way Fake Media tie at the top.      

                                                CURRENT TIERS

                                                            TIER 1


65-55 vs. TCU

With two of the five best players in the league playing like it, both seniors, the cry goes out, “Break up the Fighting Bruces.” The 12 games remaining, including 6 on the Road, might prove to be a pitfall. O theyr might be an opportunity to run away from the field, what with three of them being at Okie St, Baylor, and West Virginia. Where do their Losses come from?

They do have 3 Projected L’s, but win their Home games and the 3 “soft” Road games, and they finish 14-4. Probably any K-Stater would take that right now and wait in the clubhouse.


Quietly chalking another Road game vs. a Tier 1 team off their schedule in Manhattan, their schedule begins to ease up now, beginning with a game at BFWV.


72-59 vs. Okie St

The Cyclones Won as Projected. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s what a champion does.


64-65 at WVU

Two comments to remember from the previous REAL Standings Report:

·         the rumblings about the possible emergence of Silvio DeSousa sometime in the foreseeable future could turn the Big 12 race upside down. Until then, however, [the Jayhawks] are but one of 7 teams hoping that last second shots by the opponent don’t fall; and

·         Any team that loses to WVU anywhere is unlikely to be a serious title contender.

The last second shot fell this time. More last second shots are likely to be decisive in games 7-18. If Silvio is going to make a difference and help make KU a serious title contender, he needs to be cleared to play soon and then hit the ground running.


62-73 at Baylor

You can only live off playing Duke close for so long. Eventually, you have to do things like Win games in Waco. (Though they did Win in Morgantown, unlike some team.)


75-72 vs. Oklahoma

UT continues to hang atound, just out of sight of the pundits.


The Sooners are still looking for their first Road W in conference play.

                                                            TIER 2


Is Baylor ready for Prime time? Should they be promoted to Tier 1 after a nice Home victory over Texas Tech?

Nah. The key word being “Home.”


“When do we get to play KU in Stillwater?”

                                                            TIER 3


Winning one Home game does not result in an automatic promotion to a higher Tier.  Let’s see if the Mountaineers can do it again against anybody. Or put another way: See if they can find another team to throw the ball away 18 times for no apparent reason.

                                                CURRENT REAL STANDINGS

1. 12-6

K-State (4-2): Projected L’s: (at UT, at KU, at TCU)

Up for Grabs: (at OSU, at BU)

2.  11-7

TCU (2-3): Projected L’s: (at TT, at ISU, at UT)

Up for Grabs: (at BU, at OSU)

ISU (4-2): Projected L’s: (at KU, at OU, at KSU, at TCU, at UT)

Up for Grabs: (N.A)

4.  10.5-7.5

KU (4-2): Projected L’s: (at UT, at KSU, at TCU, at TT, at OU)

Up for Grabs: (at OSU)

Texas Tech (4-2): Projected L’s: (at KSU, at KU, at OU, at TCU, at ISU)
Up for Grabs: (at OSU)

UT (3-3): Projected L’s (at TCU, at ISU, at OU, at TT)
Up for Grabs (at BU)

7.   10-8

OU (2-4): Projected L’s: (at TCU, at ISU, at KSU)
Up for Grabs: (at OSU, at BU)


BU (3-2): Projected L’s (at OU, at UT, at TT, at ISU, at KU, at KSU)
Up for Grabs: (at WVU, TCU, KSU, OU, UT)

9.  5.5-12.5

Okie St (2-4): Projected L’s (at TCU, at KU, at UT, at KSU, at TT, at BU)
Up for Grabs: (OU, KSU, TT, TCU, KU)

10.  1.5-16.5

West Virginia (1-5): Projected L’s (at ISU, OU, at TT, UT, at KU, KSU, at BU, TCU, at OU, ISU, at OSU)
Up for Grabs (OSU)

                                                AS SEEN ON TV (All times CST

1,         8:00p.m. Iowa St at KU (ESPN) ****** (Projected W: KU)

            ISU could all but end KU’s quest for No. 15 here. If it happens, expect to see plenty of tears   of joy streaming down the faces of the Cyclones and Fran.

2.          8:00p.m.: Baylor at WVU (ESPNU) * (Projected W: Up for Grabs)

              A W here will not move Baylor into Tier 1, but it will keep that possibility alive. I mean, how could anyone lose at West Virginia and merit Tier 1 status.


3.         6:00p.m. Texas Tech at K-State (ESPN2) ***** (Projected W: K-State)

            The Red Raiders’ opportunity to grab first place away from Bar/Dean and Co.


4.         6:00p.m.  Texas at TCU (ESPNU) ** (Projected W: TCU)

            The Fake Media has been ignoring Texas as a potential contender. A W here, and it will be   difficult to overlook them any further.

5.         8:00p.m. Oklahoma at Okie St: (ESPNU ****) (Projected W: OU)

            The Sooners have to Win a big Road game eventually if they wish to maintain their position in Tier 1. Winning this game will not help their cause. It is a big game only from the viewpoint of Bedlam. Still, they need this Win in order to take advantage of potential Road Wins to come.