Nothing much to talk about in the midweek games prior to the break from conference play due to the Big 12/SEC Challenge:

·         KU beat Iowa St at Home as projected (80-76). No change in either team’s REAL Standings Record

·         K-State won as Projected at Home over Texas Tech (58-45). No change in either team’s RS record.

·         TCU held off Texas at Home 65-61) as Projected. No change in either team’s RS Record.

·         Oklahoma won an UFG game on the road in Stillwater (70-61), improving the Sooners’ RS Record by a half game.

·         Baylor downed West Virginia in Morgantown (85-73) in an Up-for Grabs game, resulting in a half game RS pickup by the Fighting Scotties.

                                                CURRENT TIERS

                                                            TIER 1


Except for losing to Texas at Home, K-State has done the best job since then of jumping through the hoops necessary to Win the Big 12 title.


The Horned Frogs continue to hop along steadily, Winning the games they are projected to Win and Losing the games they are projected to Lose. At some point, they will need a breakthrough W, but continuing this formula will keep them in the hunt until that day arrives.


T-shirt seen in Allen Fieldhouse: “Don’t Feel Bad. Everyone Loses Here.”

Translation: Losing in Lawrence does not hurt your chances of winning the Big 12--unless another Tier 1 team picks up a Win there. Which hasn’t happened yet.


Staring into the teeth of a disastrous Home Court Loss vs. Iowa St, trailing 39-47, the Jayhawks went on a 14-0 run, then held on to Win by 4. The game neither helped nor hurt KU’s quest for No. 15. But they are still looking for their first Big Road Win. Unless you consider their win in Waco to be a Big Road Win. ISU and Tech have lost there.


Three consecutive Losses have not helped Tech’s cause. But only the one in Lubbock (to ISU) REALly hurt.


Rivals had Jaxson Hayes as the No. 112 high school prospect in the country last year. He is the REAL Standings’ mid-season Big 12 Freshman of the Year. He is surrounded by solid individual talent in Matt Coleman, Kerwin Roach, Dylan Osetkowski, et al. So why can’t UT get over the hump? It is almost like they are not REAL Smart or something.


At some point, the Sooners need a REAL Road Win to rise above mediocrity.

                                                            TIER 2


See Oklahoma.


Eight scholarship players on the roster is not the way to survive an 18-game double round robin Big 12 schedule. It showed when the Cowboys could not hold on to a 19-point lead at Home vs. OU. Still, they are dangerous on any given night, especially at Home, as shown by its 74-70 victory over South Carolina in the Big 12/SEC Challenge.

                                                            TIER 3


After Losing by 31 to TCU in Fort Worth, WVU “defeated” KU 65-64 three days later, then lost at Home to Baylor two days after that (84-73).

“What a surprise,” said no one who has been paying attention.

                                                CURRENT REAL STANDINGS

1. 12-6

K-State (5-2): Projected L’s: (at UT, at KU, at TCU)

Up for Grabs: (at OSU, at BU)

2.  11-7

TCU (3-3): Projected L’s: (at TT, at ISU, at UT)

Up for Grabs: (at BU, at OSU)

ISU (4-3): Projected L’s: (at OU, at KSU, at TCU, at UT)

Up for Grabs: (N.A)

4.  10.5-7.5

KU (5-2): Projected L’s: (at UT, at KSU, at TCU, at TT, at OU)

Up for Grabs: (at OSU)

Texas Tech (4-3): Projected L’s: (at KU, at OU, at TCU, at ISU)
Up for Grabs: (at OSU)

UT (3-4): Projected L’s (at ISU, at OU, at TT)
Up for Grabs (at BU)

OU (3-4): Projected L’s: (at TCU, at ISU, at KSU)
Up for Grabs: (at BU)


BU (4-2): Projected L’s (at OU, at UT, at TT, at ISU, at KU, at KSU)
Up for Grabs: (TCU, KSU, OU, UT)

9.  5-13

Okie St (2-5): Projected L’s (at TCU, at KU, at UT, at KSU, at TT, at BU)
Up for Grabs: (KSU, TT, TCU, KU)

10.  1-17

West Virginia (1-6): Projected L’s (at ISU, OU, at TT, UT, at KU, KSU, at BU, TCU, at OU, ISU, at OSU)
Up for Grabs (N.A.)
                                                AS SEEN ON TV (All times CST)

1,         8:00p.m. TCU at Texas Tech (ESPN) ***** (Projected W: Tech)

            The schedule starts to turn in TCU’s favor. Can they take advantage of it? Or are they a Tier 2 sheep in wolf’s clothing?

2.          8:00p.m.: Baylor at Oklahoma (ESPNU) ****1/2 (Projected W: OU)

              There has been an ongoing debate here as to whether BU is as deserving as OU of a Tier 1 spot. Neither team has accomplished anything of note to this point in the conference season, and both have incurred a Home Loss. A Big W for Baylor in Norman, along with the way the Bears have played since the second half of the KU game, would require a closer look at these teams’ status.


3.         6:00p.m. KU at Texas (ESPN) ***** (Projected W: UT)

            As the ball hovered in the air on James Naismith Court, whether UT made its claim to being   a serious contender while sending KU’s dreams of No. 15 into a nosedive depended entirely                 on the ball’s descent into the awaiting hoop or falling harmlessly aside. At that moment,      neither team had any control over its fate.

            As we all know, the ball accommodated the Jayhawks, as is the norm for visitors to Allen       Fieldhouse.

            This Tuesday’s game between the same two teams is on BEVO Court (or whatever it’s          called). Texas has all the pressure on it this time; They can’t lose another Home game and    remain  this Home Win to remain in serious contention for the Big 12 crown.

            KU, on the other hand, could put its inexcusable Loss to the conference’s worst team behind it with a Road W at a Tier 1 team’s House. and move within a half game of first place,             spreading visions of déjà vu throughout the Midwest, the Southwest, and West Virginia.


4.         6:00p.m.  West Virginia at ISU (ESPNU) * (Projected W: ISU)

            A game the only the most fervent of Big 12 basketball junkies will watch.  If you take it in,       consider yourself classified.

            If Iowa St were to somehow lose this game on its Home court, it can take solace in the fact    that they will still qualify for the Big 12 post-season Tournament.