REAL Standings: The Day the Music Died Edition

                                    REAL STANDINGS:  THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED EDITION 

            It has been 60 years since the plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens. So what would be a proper tribute for that sad day that has some connection to the REAL Big 12 Standings?

            Chantilly Lace? La Bamba? There is probably a connection that could be made to these songs by someone who is REAL clever and who has no life.

            But I will take the easy way out:

                        “Everyday it’s a getting’ closer

                        Goin’ faster than a Roller Coaster…”

            This is the Big 12 race in a nutshell: a Roller Coaster. It seems every week a team that formerly sucked suddenly looks like the conference’s best team. Think K-State and Baylor.

            Or vice versa: Think Texas Tech and Oklahoma.

            And what’s up with KU? The Jayhawks’ Roller Coaster between highs and lows in Home and Away games is enough to give you whiplash.

            As for the REAL Standings, K-State picked up a half game in the RS and  moved into the Top Spot by itself on Saturday with its Road Win in Stillwater. Iowa State, which had been tied with K-State, did not Lose any REAL ground with its Projected Home Win vs. Texas but dropped a half game behind K-State.

            In other games:

·         KU and Baylor both won at Home as Projected vs. Tech and TCU respectively, for no movement  by any of those teams in the REAL Standings; and

·         West Virginia moved up half a game with its Home Court victory over a higher-level team: i.e., Oklahoma, who dropped a half game.

                                                CURRENT TIERS

                                                            TIER 1


Defeated Okie St in Stillwater 75-57

It wasn’t that close. K-State keeps taking care of business.


Defeated UT at Home 65-60

The Cyclones could put together a blooper reel from this one. How many stand-alone lay-ups and lobs did they screw up? But if you are going to create a blooper reel, better from a Win than a Loss.


Defeated TCU at Home 90-64

Makai Mason, the Bears’ Yale leader, scored 40 points, going 9-12 from downtown. (There actually is a downtown in Waco--of sorts.) The Fighting Scotties are the hottest team in the league. Maybe even the best team depending on how their coach (note that I did not put the word “coach” in quotation marks) handles being the Big 12’s and Fran Fraschilla’s best hope of dethroning KU.


Defeated Texas Tech at Home 79-63

Three players down (De Sousa, Udunka, and Marcus Garrett), the Jayhawks kept their heads above water with its normal expected Home Win. No. 15 remains within reach if the Hawks can take the shooting prowess and cohesion demonstrated in this game on the Road.


Lost at KU 63-79

Yes, they were soundly defeated Saturday in Lawrence (who isn’t aside from Last year’s Tech team), and they have lost 4 of their last 5 conference games, but the schedule is about to turn in their favor. Their next 3 games are vs. WVU in Buddy Holly’s Home town, at OU, and at Okie St, before getting Baylor, KU, and Okie St at Home. No, those games will not result in leaps and bounds in the REAL Standings but might well allow the Red Raiders to make minor gains while watching other challengers fall back.


Lost at Baylor 64-90

For the second straight week, no REAL harm done to the Horned Frogs other than to their pride. Last week, it was noted that everyone is entitled to one off night. Just don’t let it turn onto two. Or three. Or more. Well, TCU is on the verge.


Lost to ISU in Ames 60-65

Actually, a very representative effort by UT. They did everything but Win—mostly due to not taking advantage of ISU’s junior high caliber plays.

                                                            TIER 2


Lost at WVU 71-79

Not sure how  you overcome a Loss at West Virginia. Win ‘em all at Home I guess. At least that’s KU’s theory. Too late for the Sooners to go that route.


Lost to K-State at Home 57-75

Q: Is OSU REALly better than West Virginia?

A:  It Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

                                                            TIER 3


Defeated OU at Home

The Mountaineers actually have a Heartbeat.

                                                CURRENT REAL STANDINGS

1. 12-6

K-State (6-2): Projected L’s: (at BU, at UT, at KU, at TCU)

Up for Grabs: N.A.

2. 11.5-6.5

ISU (6-3): Projected L’s: (at KSU, at TCU, at UT)

Up for Grabs: (at OU)

3.  11-7

KU (6-3): Projected L’s: (at KSU, at TCU, at TT)

Up for Grabs: (at OSU, at OU)

Texas Tech (5-4): Projected L’s: (at TCU, at ISU)
Up for Grabs: (at OU, at OSU)

BU (6-2): Projected L’s (at UT, at TT, at ISU, at KU, at KSU)
Up for Grabs: (N.A.)

6. 10.5-7.5

TCU (3-5): Projected L’s: (at ISU, at UT)

Up for Grabs: (at OSU)

UT (4-5): Projected L’s (at BU, at TT)
Up for Grabs (at OU)

8. 6-12

OU (3-6): Projected L’s: (at BU, at TCU, at ISU, at KSU)
Up for Grabs: (ISU, TT, UT, KU)

9.  5-13

Okie St (2-6): Projected L’s (at TCU, at KU, at UT, at KSU, at TT, at BU)
Up for Grabs: (TT, TCU, KU)

10.  2-16

West Virginia (2-6): Projected L’s (at ISU, at TT, UT, at KU, KSU, at BU, TCU, at OU, ISU, at OSU)
Up for Grabs N.A.

                                                AS SEEN ON TV (All times CST)

1,         8:00p.m. West Virginia at Texas Tech (ESPN) **(Projected W: Tech)

            WVU Wining in Lubbock?

            That’ll Be the Day.

2.          8:00p.m. Iowa St at Oklahoma (ESPN2) ***1/2 (UFG)

Dangerous game for the Cyclones. The Sooners have lost their last 2 games: at West Virginia and by 30 at Home to Baylor). Lonnie will have them ready to play.

Can ISU Win? Oh, Boy, that’s a tough question. All I can say is, “Maybe, Baby.”


3.         8:00p.m. KU at K-State (ESPN) **** (Projected W: K-State)

            This is a big time opportunity game for the Jayhawks.  A Win here, and No 15 comes clearly into view in spite of the loss at West Virginia. But if the fans make a difference in any Big 12         game this year, it will be Tuesday night in Manhattan.    No current K-State player has ever      beaten KU, and they do not want to end their careers 0-4 against the Jayhawks in         Manhattan. Especially a Kansas boy like Dean Wade.

            The K-State fans will Rave On for sure.

            KU fans will hope against hope that their team does Not Fade Away.  


4.         7:00p.m.  Baylor at Texas (LHN) **** (Projected W: UT)

            A Road Win in Austin, and Baylor just might be the team to beat.

5.         8:00p.m.  Okie St at TCU (ESPNU) **** (Projected W: TCU)

            It’s So Easy even a caveman could do it