The REAL Standings strike again. Although they are not intended to be predictors, the vast majority of games with a Projected Winner wind up with the Projected Winner winning. When that happens, it seems almost boring: because those victories have already been credited to the victors, and there is no change in either team’s record.

In this week’s Midweek games, we had 4 Projected Winners, and guess what: they all Won. We had Texas Tech beating West Virginia at Home; K-State beating KU at Home; Texas beating Baylor at Home; and TCU beating Okie St at Home.

The only game that involved any change in the REAL Standings was Iowa St winning am Up for Grabs Game at OU by the slimmest margin possible, 75-74. The result was a half game pickup for the Cyclones, allowing them to catch K-State atop the REAL Standings with a Projected Record pf 12-6/.

                                                CURRENT TIERS

                                                            TIER 1


Defeated KU 74-67

K-State stays the course with another Projected W at Home.


Defeated OU 75-74 in Norman

A one-point Win. But that’s all it takes. It is the difference between the Cyclones being tied for first place in the REAL Standings and being a full game back of K-State.


Lost to Texas in Austin 72-84

Scott Drew has actually done a respectable coaching this team. He had no answers Wednesday night, however, when UT’s game plan was to take Makoi Mason out of the game.


Lost to K-State 67-74

The Jayhawks lost no ground in the REAL Standings with their Projected Loss in Manhattan.  What they did lose was an opportunity to take the inside track to their 15th straight Big 12 Title.  but two games With that opportunity having fallen by the wayside, the Jayhawks have but two remaining chances to make up for their loss at West Virginia. To have a REAListic chance for No. 15, they need to win out at Home, win an UFG Game at OU, and turn a Projected Loss into a W at TCU, Texas Tech, or both.


Defeated WVU 81-50 in Lubbock.



Defeated Okie St 70-68 in Fort Worth

The only subjective part of the REAL Standings is the Tier Placement. Having lost to Tech on the Road by 19, Baylor on the Road by 26, and then outlasting Okie St by 2 points at Home with a buzzer-beater, the Horned Frogs do not resemble a Tier 1 team in any respect—except for being undefeated at Home. That is enough to maintain the status quo for the time being.


Defeated Baylor 84-72 in Austin.

The Longhorns will beat you at Home. They could still sneak into the trophy room if they mature enough to take their game on the Road. Of course, that could be said of a number of teams, including KU. They are, in essence, the Jayhawks but with a Loss at home to Tech and without a Loss at WVU.

                                                            TIER 2


Lost at ISU 74-75 in Norman

OU can turn its attention squarely to trying to somehow grab a spot in the NCAA Tournament.


Lost to TCU in Fort Worth 68-70

If there were a trophy for effort and tenacity, the Cowboys would be atop Tier 1.

                                                            TIER 3


Lost to Texas Tech 50-81 in Lubbock

Just OK is not OK. And nit even OK is not even OK.

                                                CURRENT REAL STANDINGS

1. 12-6

K-State (7-2): Projected L’s: (at BU, at UT, at KU, at TCU)

Up for Grabs: N.A.

ISU (7-3): Projected L’s: (at KSU, at TCU, at UT)

Up for Grabs: N.A.

3.  11-7

KU (6-4): Projected L’s: (at TCU, at TT)

Up for Grabs: (at OSU, at OU)

Texas Tech (6-4): Projected L’s: (at TCU, at ISU)
Up for Grabs: (at OU, at OSU)

BU (6-3): Projected L’s (at TT,at ISU, at KU, at KSU)
Up for Grabs: (N.A.)

6. 10.5-7.5

TCU (4-5): Projected L’s: (at ISU, at UT)

Up for Grabs: (at OSU)

UT (5-5): Projected L’s (at BU, at TT)
Up for Grabs (at OU)

8. 5.5-12.5

OU (3-7): Projected L’s: (at BU, at TCU, at ISU, at KSU)
Up for Grabs: (TT, UT, KU)

9.  4.5-13.5

Okie St (2-7): Projected L’s (at KU, at UT, at KSU, at TT, at BU)
Up for Grabs: (TT, TCU, KU)

10.  2-16

West Virginia (2-8): Projected L’s (UT, at KU, KSU, at BU, TCU, at OU, ISU, at OSU)
Up for Grabs N.A.
                                                AS SEEN ON TV (All times CST)

1,         11:00a.m. Okie St at KU (ESPN) **(Projected W: KU)

            Life after the Notorious LGV begins. Is this the beginning of the end, the end of the    beginning, or addition by subtraction?

2.          1:00p.m. TCU at Iowa St (ESPNU) ***1/2 (Projected W: ISU)

Okie St has some firepower. What it does not have, with but 7 scholarship players, is staying power. A W in Ames by the Cowboys would be the Big 12 Upset of the Year.      

3.         3:00p.m. Texas Tech at OU (ESPNU) **** (UFG)

            The Sooners try again to spoil someone else’s party after falling one point short Monday night.

4.         5:00p.m.  K-State at Baylor at Texas (ESPN2) *****(Projected W: BU)

            Baylor was the league’s hottest team before Wednesday night wth Makoi Mason its hottest    player. One game later, they face a must Win game to avoid falling three games behind K-State.

5.         7:00p.m.  Texas at West Virginia (ESPN2) **** (Projected W: UT)

            UT looking for its second set of back-to-back Wins in conference play. The last time it            happened, in the first two games of the season, the second victim was—you guessed it—West Virginia.