The end of the season is definitely near. The big question is whether it is also the end of “The Streak.”

Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. Regardless, no one can say the Jayhawks went down without a fight.




Defeated Baylor as Projected at Home 66-60

It was like pulling teeth, but Dean Wade, D.D.S., and his Dental Assistants downed the best team remaining on their schedule.


Defeated TCU as Projected on the Road 81-66

It was like brushing teeth as the Red Raiders downed the worst team remaining on their schedule.


Defeated Okie St as Projected on the Road 72-67

The Jayhawks were 2:45 from elimination in Stillwater versus the worst team remaining on their schedule.

Seven points later, they were, somehow, still alive to fight another day--and pray to the basketball gods that K-State and Tech still each have a Loss left in them



Lost to UT as Projected on the Road 69-86

To think there was a time not so long ago when Iowa State was the consensus pick among pundits as the team to replace KU as Big 12 Champion.

Well, the Cyclones are still alive for the Big 12 Tournament Championship. Maybe that’s what they meant. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


Defeated Iowa St as Projected at Home 86-69

UT made 60% of its three pointers. That’s the formula for avoiding late game collapses: Grab a 20 point lead and keep scoring.


Lost to K-State as Projected on the Road 60-66

What might have been if Baylor had missed only Tristan Clark down the stretch and Makoi Mason and King McClure had remained healthy. Even without those two for a number of key games, the Bears were in the Title chase until 9:15p.m. Saturday night. They will be a tough out in both the Meaningless Big 12 Tournament and the REAL March Madness.



Lost to Texas Tech as Projected at Home 69-86

The Frogs played like they were tired of KU winning the Big 12.

It is unlikely that they took a dive, but it resembled one.


Defeated WVU as Projected at Home 92-80

The Sooners and TCU could end up 6-12, 7-11, 0r 8-10 in conference play. A 6-12 record will not look good to the Selection Committee in two weeks. The official position of the REAL Standings Report is that any team that cannot stay within one Win of .500 in their conference should be bypassed to allow a team from a smaller chance to show what they can do: Any team that finishes 7-11 or worse in conference play has definitively shown its lack of worth.



Lost to KU as Projected at Home 67-72

The Cowboys are undoubtedly the best shooting 3-13 team in the history of basketball in any league at any level. For What That’s Worth.



Lost to OU as Projected on the Road 80-92

The Mountaineers are still in contention for a 9th place/Tier 4 finish. One more W should wrap that up.


1. 14-4

K-State (12-4): Projected L’s: N.A.

Up for Grabs: N.A.

Other games: at TCU, vs. OU

2. 13.5-4.5

Texas Tech (12-4): Projected L’s: N.A.

Up for Grabs: (at Iowa St)

Other games: vs. UT

3. 13-5

KU (11-5): Projected L’s: N.A.

Up for Grabs: N.A.

Other games: at OU, vs. BU

4. 11-7

BU (10-6): Projected L’s (at KU)

Up for Grabs: N.A.

Other games: vs. OSU

5. 10.5-7.5

ISU (9-7): Projected L’s: N.A.

Up for Grabs: (vs.Tech)

6. 9-9

UT (8-8): Projected L’s (at TT)

Up for Grabs N.A.

7. 6-12

TCU (6-10): Projected L’s: (vs. KSU, at UT)

Up for Grabs: N.A.

OU (6-10): Projected L’s: (KU, at KSU)

Up for Grabs: N.A.

9. 4-14

Okie St (3-13): Projected L’s (at BU)

Up for Grabs: N.A.

10. 3-15

West Virginia (3-13): Projected L’s (ISU, at OSU)

Up for Grabs N.A.

AS SEEN ON TV (All times CST)


1, 8:00p.m. Texas at Texas Tech (ESPN) **** (Projected W: Tech)

Don’t laugh. Texas has comparable talent to Tech. This is not a gimme game for the Red Raiders. Unless they go 16-26 from 3-point land like they did against KU. But what of Texas goes 15-25 like they did vs. Iowa St?

We are all Texas fans tonight.

2. 8:00p.m. K-State at TCU (ESPN2) ***** (Projected W: UT)

This is K-State’s last REAListic chance of Losing.

That is if TCU cares more about going 8-10 than they want KU’s String of Rings to end.

We are all TCU fans tonight.


3. 8:00p.m. KU at OU (ESPNU) **** (Projected W: KU)

The Jayhawks are 3-5 on the Road in Conference play. They are in dire need of winning their second straight for Saturday to be meaningful.


4. 6:00p.m. Iowa St at West Virginia (ESPN2) * (Projected W: ISU)

The Big 12 Tourney is just around the corner. Meaningless though it be, a game between these teams next week would be more meaningful than this one Wednesday night.

5. 8:00p.m. Okie St at Baylor (ESPNU) **** (Projected W: Baylor)

Theoretically, Baylor is still alive in the league race. In the same way a zombie vampire is still alive in Norway on the summer solstice.