If you have been paying attention, you are aware that this was a week that will live in Big 12 basketball history. All because if something happened that had not occurred in 15 years. That’s since 2004 if you want to do the math. What were you doing in 2004?

One thing you were not doing is contemplating how long it would be until what happened this week would happen again.

I mean, what are the odds that the two worst teams in the Big 12 would both Win on the same night playing two first division teams, one on the Road and the other vs. an opponent ranked in’s Top 20 and both in his Top 40? Yet that is exactly what happened: West Virginia defeated Iowa State at Home and, immediately thereafter, Oklahoma State took down Baylor on the Road.

In REALity, this might have happened at some point in the last 15 tears. Who has time to check out the standings and the results of every game involving the two worst teams in the league each year for 270 biweekly slates of basketball games? Nobody with a life is who.

If truth be told, the 15 year guess was probably influenced by the news. Check out the couple in Wichita who have eaten at the Texas Roadhouse 6 days a week for the past 15 years, including a free shrimp appetizer every night:

It is also possible that, prior to Wednesday night, this particular event had never happened in the Big 12 since the league’s inception in 1997.

In other “news,” your 2019 Big 12 Champion will be either K-State or Texas Tech or both. Which is only appropriate in this wild and woolly conference where no team has repeated as Champion since 2018.




Defeated TCU as Projected ON THE Road 64-52


Defeated UT as Projected at Home 70-51



Lost to OU in a Projected W game on the Road 68-81


Lost to Okie St in a Projected Win game at Home 64-67


Lost to WVU in a Projected W game on the Road 75-90


Lost to Tech as Projected on the Road 51-70



Lost to Texas Tech as Projected at Home 69-86


Defeated KU in a Projected Loss game at Home 81-68



Defeated Baylor in a Projected Loss game on the Road 67-64


Defeated ISU in a Projected Loss game 90-75


1. 14-4

K-State (13-4)

Saturday: Projected W vs. OU

2. 13.5-4.5

Texas Tech (13-4)

Saturday: Up for Grabs game at Iowa St

3. 12-6

KU (11-6)

Saturday: Projected W vs. Baylor

4. 10-8

BU (10-7)

Saturday: Projected L at KU

5. 10.5-7.5

ISU (9-8)

Saturday: Up fpr Grabs game vs. Texas Tech

6. 9-9

UT (8-9)

Saturday: Projected W vs. TCU

7. 7-11

OU (7-10):

Saturday: Projected L at K-State

8. 6-12

TCU (6-11)

Saturday: Projected L at UT

9. 5-13

Okie St (4-13):

Saturday: Projected W vs. WVU

10. 4-14

West Virginia (4-13)

Saturday: Projected L at Okie St

AS SEEN ON TV (All times CST)


1, 11:00a.m. TCU at Texas (ESPN2) ** (Projected W: Texas)

If TCU prevails, will 7-11in conference play be enough for an invite to the big Dance? If so, there is something wrong with the selection committee. (Well, even more than usual.) If TCU loses and still qualifies at 6-12, it will be the biggest farce since VCU making the tournament in 2011.

2. 1:00p.m. Baylor at KU (ESPN) ***** (Projected W: KU)

It’s all over but the shouting for these teams in the battle for 3rd place. But, in Allen Fieldhouse, that’s a lot of shouting

3. 1:00p.m. Texas Tech at Iowa St (ESPNN) ***** (Up for Grabs)

It is a special day when you can win a championship. And it is a sad day when the opportunity to do so is missed. Two hours of Tech fans having their guts wrenched. That is, if the Cyclones decide to show up instead of disappearing into the vast wasteland of mediocrity (or worse) that they inhabited in Morgantown Wednesday night.

4. 3:00p.m. West Virginia at Okie St (ESPNN) * (Projected W: OSU)

Speaking of mediocrity.

5. 5:00p.m. OU St at K-State (ESPN2) ***** (Projected W: K-State).

The Octagon of Mood will be somewhere between exhilaration and despair around 10:00p.m. Saturday night. Could be a wild ride into the wee hours in Aggieville as K-State fans celebrate their first taste of championship basketball nectar in 6 years or their first unshared conference title in 42.

Or don’t.