Building the Foundation

Nick Reid:

"To go out on top with a big win like this, it just hasn't sunk in yet. We've come a long way. It's pretty neat to be part of the foundation."

Love to see that from Mr. Incredible, Nick Reid. Success begets success, especially in college football. I expect KU to be competitive for a Big 12 North title for the forseeable future. That may be a humble aspiration, but hey, I'm a humble guy...

Buy Fort Worth Bowl Tickets

Here's the link to purchase through the Athletic Department. Make sure you use this link to buy tickets, as KU gets credit for said purchases, and you'll be sitting among friends. I believe that KU will be staying at the Rennaissance Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth if you're into living large.

Gordon Questionable for Bowl Game

According to the Star:

"We don't know yet (whether he can play)," KU coach Mark Mangino said Sunday. "He's definitely going to need some rest. How he responds physically over the next week or two will tell the tale."

In Manginoan fashion, his injury hasn't been disclosed. The most specific thing I've seen is that it seems to be shoulder related. It looks like we'll be in the Fort Worth Bowl, playing against a Conference USA team, most likely Houston, UTEP or Memphis, all of which are sitting at 6-5.