KU getting some preseason love from FoxSports

Which says we're number one for 2006-2007...

1. Kansas: The Jayhawks lost for the second straight year in the first round, but don't expect that to happen next season with Bill Self's club. They return their top seven scorers, including Brandon Rush - and they will add heralded freshman point guard Sherron Collins to the mix. Expect Julian Wright to assert himself as one of the most versatile players in the nation.

Thanks to JayhawkGL for the tip...and sorry for the posting hiatus. The internets have been a on the fitz here at chez Chrysler and I've only just determined that an asploded surge protector was to blame.

But the old grey mare is going back to Costco tomorrow for a little returnation.

I'll try to post final standings for the pick'em tomorrow and coordinate with the winners and such. Until then, I'll leave you in suspense.