It's a Good Thing There's a Bye Week Before the Trip to Manhattan

Otherwise, the team might not be adequately prepared to visit the "toughest place to play in America." (HT: EDSBS and petejayhawk) Mangino better not let the players be on the field when the video plays. Were they to witness this new tradition, they'd need another bye week to stop giggling. Which could harm their efforts restore Kansas State's oldest football tradition: losing.

Who Gave Kansas a 25th Place Vote?

AP Top 25 Poll

Others Receiving Votes: Boston College 126, Missouri 116, Miami (FL) 91, Oregon 90, Alabama 74, Oregon State 41, Michigan 39, South Carolina 39, Brigham Young 27, South Florida 27, Florida State 22, Arizona State 19, Southern Miss 9, Wake Forest 7, Kansas 1, Washington 1

I've spent a day and a half trying to figure this out and I have failed to do so. This link lists the voters but still shows their pre-season ballots. Should this turn out to be a bandwagon-type season, I wanted to give credit to the media member who bought the first ticket.

Speculation: I figure Tom Keegan's the most likely choice with Mike DeArmond edging out Chris Fowler as the least likely.

UPDATE: Cheers to gratefultyler for correcting my above snarky assumption. Media ticket #1 on the Kansas Football Bandwagon goes to Mike DeArmond, Missouri beat writer for The Kansas City Star.

Reesing looking good as starting QB

Shall the child lead them again? Reesing is a scrambly little motorboater, to be sure, but evidently he's been doing more at practice.

"From spring to two-a-days, Reesing has probably advanced his overall play a little bit more so than Meier has," said Mangino, for once providing insight into the lengthy competition.

Mangino didn't come out and say that Reesing is the front-runner, and KU's sixth-year coach said there was no deadline to pick one. But it was obvious that Reesing has impressed between the spring and preseason workouts, which continue with the first two-a-day today.