ESPN Talking Heads update Power 16

You know what that means...nothing, except maybe another contest of some sort. Well perhaps for another day. Anyway, a few of them talk about KU in their pollxplanations, so I'll pass those comments on to save you some time:

Jay Bilas:

Kansas is starting to come on, as is Georgetown. The Jayhawks remind me of the way we thought of Florida at this time last season.

Doug "Shorts on Backwards" Gottleib:

Kansas might seem a bit high to some, but look closer at what the Jayhawks have done and you can see my logic. Yes, they lost to A&M at home, but if we think back to that game, we remember that the Jayhawks dominated for 36 minutes before Acie Law put them to sleep. A&M has been incredibly impressive for the most part, but KU has won its five games since that loss by an average of 27.2 ppg and KU's out-of-conference performances are far superior to that of A&M's


Last 10 games....

More likely than not, we're either 1-0 or 2-0 headed into our last ten games. Pomeroy has us favored in the rest of our games, but, at least according to his rankings, OU will be a nailbiter. It may very well be, but I think OU is way over-rated by Pomeroy.

I've had our game at Bramlage circled as a toughy since day one, and I still think the game will be tough. This team seems to have responded to a pee-away loss this year as they did last year, with steely resolve. You might call this team a spark plug with a bonfire's mentality. Or I might.

Duke lost again. I believe that's four in a row and they've got Boston College on the horizon. When ESPN is speculating that you mightn't make the tournament, they're trying to increase ratings for your upcoming games.

Anyone else notice that we're scoring more points / game in conference than in non-conference games? That can't be that common in major conferences. Might want to call that a Sherroncidence, since boyo's averaging about 13 points a game in conference games and is clearly a fire hydrant with a bull dog's mentality.

If you haven't read this diary of a mock selection meeting, you need to.

2007 NCAA Tournament Schedule

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2007: 69th ANNUAL DIVISION I MENS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Selection Information Sunday, March 11, 6 p.m. ET (CBS) Opening Round: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 UD Arena Dayton, Ohio Host: University of Dayton Ticket Info: $10 * Phone: 937/229-4433 Web site: First and Second Rounds: Thursday and Saturday, March 15 and 17, 2007 HSBC Arena Buffalo, New York Hosts: Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, Canisius College and Niagara University Ticket Info: SOLD OUT Web site: Rupp Arena Lexington, Kentucky Host: University of Kentucky Ticket Info: $150 * Phone: 800/928-2287 Web site: ARCO Arena Sacramento, California Host: University of the Pacific Ticket Info: SOLD OUT * Phone: 916/928-5193 Web site: Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum Winston-Salem, North Carolina Host: Wake Forest University Ticket Info: SOLD OUT Web site: First and Second Rounds: Friday and Sunday, March 16 and 18, 2007 United Center Chicago, Illinois Host: Big Ten Conference Ticket Info: $225 * Phone: 312/455-4667 Web site: Nationwide Arena Columbus, Ohio Host: The Ohio State University Ticket info: SOLD OUT Web site: New Orleans Arena New Orleans, Louisiana Host: Tulane University Ticket Info: $145 * Phone: 504/525-5678 Web site: Spokane Memorial Arena Spokane, Washington Host: Washington State University Ticket Info: SOLD OUT Web site: Regionals: Thursday and Saturday, March 22 and 24, 2007 South Regional Alamodome San Antonio, Texas Host: University of Texas-San Antonio Ticket info: $130 * Phone: 800/884-3663 Web site: West Regional HP Pavilion San Jose, California Host: San Jose State University Ticket info: SOLD OUT Web site: Regionals: Friday and Sunday, March 23 and 25, 2007 East Regional Continental Airlines Arena East Rutherford, New Jersey Host: Rutgers University Ticket info: SOLD OUT * Web site: Midwest Regional Edward Jones Dome St. Louis, Missouri Host: Missouri Valley Conference Ticket info: $130/$120/$110 * Phone: 314/621-2307 Web site: Final Four: March 31 and April 2, 2007 Georgia Dome Atlanta, Georgia Host: Georgia Tech Ticket Info: SOLD OUT *All ticket prices are subject to a service charge and a Good of the Game Fund fee.

Phog Blog record prediction contest (free t shirt, yo)

Ken Pomeroy predicts just one actual loss for the Hawks between now and the Big 12 Tournament - at Nebraska. That projection will surely change over time. Overall, he projects that KU will be 27-3 (due to risk adusting an additional loss in there non-specificallly) going into the post-season. I don't think we'll lose at Nebraska, for what it's worth, and I don't think we'll lose to A&M at home. I do think, however that we'll lose one or two more weirdo games that I'm not seeing so clearly yet.

Speaking of record projections, I never made one. Here it is, Jeremy's official Phog Blog Prediction: 36-3

Doing that would break the record for all time wins in a season by KU and we'd have to get to the championship game to get there. Whether we will win or not...too hazy.

Speaking of projections, drop your projection in the comments and the person who ends up closest wins a Phog Blog t shirt. In the case of a tie, we'll rig up some elaborate scheme by which the shirt can be transferred daily between the respective winners. Actually, I have more than one t shirt to give .

NOTE: I always pick optimistically. Since KU basketball doesn't really matter, there's no harm in it. Pick away.