Rivals.com Article on KU

For those of you looking for a break from recruiting speculation, Shay Wildeboor has a pretty even-handed take on KU's chances next season. I thought his analysis was, while not jaw-dropping, eye-opening. He also refrains from including the phrase "Darrell Arthur" in the body of his article, which earns him extra points. Also interesting is his passing comment on incoming recruit Brady Morningstar:

"Sherron Collins, one of the top point guards in the class of 2006 and Brady Morningstar, a three-star prospect, are scheduled to arrive on campus in June. While nobody knows what to expect from Morningstar, the son of Roger Morningstar, the same cannot be said about Collins."

Does anyone (besides Self's coaching staff) have a good read on Morningstar at this point? I'm definitely curious.