Where Is the Outrage about Mizzou's Schedule?

Where is the outrage over Mizzou winning the Big 12 North solely because of its weak schedule? Last year, KU was given a lot of grief and accused of being a fraud because the Jayhawks “avoided” Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech. And wrongfully so. Texas and Tech last year were no better than two teams the Hawks played on the Road: Okie St (where Tech lost and UT escaped with a miracle fourth quarter), and A&M (where Texas lost)—and this doesn’t even account for UT’s 20 point loss at Home to k-state and its near death experience at Home vs. a Nebraska team that KU routed in an historical manner.

Playing Baylor instead of OU? Okay, you’ve got a point.

This year, Mizzou has had the schedule advantage, yet no one even mentions it.

In the Big 12 North, both Mizzou and KU are 4-1 (as is NU). In common opponents (the North and UT), both teams are 4-2. NU is also 4-2 vs. common opponents with Mizzou (the North plus Baylor); and vs. common opponents with KU (the North plus Tech).

So why is Mizzou playing in the Big 12 title game as the North’s sacrificial lamb, rather than KU? The Jayhawks, after all, beat the Tigers head to head on a neutral field?

Okay—so the Big 12 3 way tie-breaker discards head to head (and rightfully so), and Mizzou wins the hypothetical BCS ratings fiasco. Nevertheless, the ONLY reason Mizzou has an edge in the Big 12 North standings and has avoided the three way tie scenario is its schedule.

Mizzou’s non-common conference opponents vis a vis KU are Okie St at Home and Baylor in Waco vs. Texas Tech at home and Oklahoma in Norman. I will allow that Tech and Okie St are comparable opponents, making the teams’ comparable records 4-3.

But Baylor in Waco vs. OU in Norman? You decide whether Mizzou’s W at Baylor (a game they would have lost had a Baylor defender not dropped an easy Pick-6 in the last two minutes of a tie game) means they are more deserving than a team that had to play in a stadium where OU has lost twice in the Bob Stoops era.

The guess here is that Mizzou is 4-4 had they played OU rather than Baylor, and KU is 5-3 had the Hawks visited Waco instead of Norman.

At any rate, there is no logical basis for anyone concluding that Mizzou is a better team or a more deserving one than KU.

Missouri celebrates rape, pillage, murder on GameDay

YouTube will help capture this "high point" in Mizzou's history, so someone send me the link when it's up. Here's what happened:

Chris Fowler recounted the history of this rivalry:

"Kansas - Missouri hatred dates back to the 1850's...pre Civil war, hideous tales of rape, and murder, and pillage...Missourians once burned Lawrence to the ground..."

At that moment, the entire Missouri cheering section erupted in cheers. Pathetic. A sign behind fowler reads "Billy Quantrill, a true American hero."

Here's a history of said "American Hero" from PBS:

The climax of Quantrill's guerilla career came on August 21, 1863, when he led a force of 450 raiders into Lawrence, Kansas, a stronghold of pro-Union support and the home of Senator James H. Lane, whose leading role in the struggle for free-soil in Kansas had made him a public enemy to pro-slavery forces in Missouri. Lane managed to escape, racing through a cornfield in his nightshirt, but Quantrill and his men killed 183 men and boys, dragging some from their homes to murder them in front of their families, and set the torch to much of the city.

Whatever happens tonight, Missouri ought to be ashamed of its behavior.

Anderson's Contract at Mizzou requires that he "Downplay" losses

I wish that my work contract *required* me to make excuses for the folks that depend on me. Actually, that would probably breed mediocrity, so I don't *really want it. But it would be nice to have in the back pocket I suppose. Here's a list of some of the bizarre requirements contained within Anderson's contract with Mizzou:

_"maintain a mature and rational attitude, keep emotions in control and downplay defeats";

_"establish and maintain a frequent and systematic program of personal communication with the university's administration, faculty, staff and student body";

_make a minimum of 30 public appearances at booster lunches, alumni dinners and similar community events.

Whose standards are we using to define "mature and rational?"

UAB's Anderson to talk to Mizzou

Or UAB has approved the initial conversation:

The University of Missouri has been given permission to speak with UAB basketball coach Mike Anderson about Missouri's head coaching vacancy.

Please My Calden, don't hurt your self Meanwhile, back in Columbia, unhappy with the jobs that Mizzou loyalists Sunvold and Link were doing looking for a coach, the powers that be have opted to bang pots and pans together in the hopes that somehow, mysteriously, a coach can be coaxed from the earth.

Why is there a cork on the fork? Because at this pace, someone will lose an eye. Or both eyes. Incredible:

Gary Link and Jon Sundvold apparently will have no further say in who will be Missouri's new head men's basketball coach.

Mike Alden, MU's athletic director, has told Link and senior associate Mario Moccia that neither they nor Sundvold will be part of meetings between Alden, UMC deputy chancellor Mike Middleton and consultant Bob Beaudine aimed at selecting the man who will replace Quin Snyder.

"That's accurate," Link told The Star on Thursday morning.

Said Sundvold: "Our job, it appears, is over."

Richard Roby, Thomas Gardner to test the draft

As the Big 12 North continues to dissolve before our eyes, I wonder to myself, "Do we benefit at all from the continued mediocrity of our former Big 8 comrades?" I can't see how we do. The South will rise again next year, with the emergence of young A&M, OSU and Baylor teams, and the North is only getting weaker. Plus, half of the North will be playing with new coaches next year. New and better coaches will help in the long term, i think, but next year will be interesting to say the least.

MU and Huggins

I suggested Huggins to MU back in October, but I didn't think it would happen. Now we find out that some of MU's boosters are all over Huggins, and some want to keep their distance. Sunvold is apparently upset that neither Huggins nor Majerus received an interview for the Mizzou job. I don't know what Mizzou expects, but as long as there's such a disunity between what the University wants and what the Athletic Department wants (reading between the lines there's a huge schism here), Mizzou's big money sports will continue to be mired in mediocrity.

But keep it quiet, because I would hate to see Mizzou get wise to their foolishness. A snippet on Gardner:

Junior guard Thomas Gardner declared that he's entering the June 27 NBA draft and foregoing his senior season. He said he will not hire an agent at this time, which would enable him to maintain eligibility for his final season at MU if he chooses to withdraw his name from draft consideration.