KU Climbs in Power Rankings

ESPN has us as a three seed (effectively ranked #11) in their latest Power 16, and the silver tongues are wagging our way:

Yes, KU is blasting people left and right, but aside from a one-point W over Oklahoma, is this streak a product of a mediocre Big 12? We'll know more Saturday, but I think that answer is no.

Check out the individual voter's breakdowns here.

Luke Winn is sprouting flightless wings this week, naming the Baby Jays the 8th best team in the nation. His sailor-tongued missive on our own Julian Wright is a must read:

Damn, Julian Wright! The Jayhawks' freakishly athletic point/power forward scored 20 points in 22 minutes on Tuesday in a win over Baylor -- on 10-of-11 shooting. It was Wright's breakout performance this season, his first time over 15 points in a game. And according to the Kansas City Star, it was the best percentage (90.9) a KU player had shot in a Big 12 game since the venerable Mark Randall made 11 of 12 attempts against Oklahoma State in 1989.

Dunkel says 3rd best.

Pomeroy says 7th, 4th and 4th.

Sagarin Predictive says 6th.

Dolphin Predictive says 4th.

Is this team that good or do we just know how to play to make computers love us?

KU is officially caught on Radar

Last week we had votes, this week, we hop out of the dark and empty abyss outside of the top 25 and into the warm and gooey radaration that is the ESPN Power 16. They have us as a 4 seed, saying:

The emphatic road wins are catching our attention. A 21-point pasting of the Huskers in Lincoln gives the Baby Hawks six straight wins. With three of the next four at home, KU has a chance to be 11-2 in conference before trip to Austin on 2/25.