Doyel: Kansas Shrinking

It's not what you're thinking. Really. Pretty good analysis, I think, except for his pegging of Russ at 2G instead of Mario. I think our most talented starting lineup is Arthur, Wright, Rush, Chalmers and Collins. They *could be the starters at some point this year for some games, but they'll be smallish for others. Here's what GD had to say:

Kansas shrinks: By adding power forward Darrell Arthur to a roster already loaded with wings and guards, Kansas coach Bill Self will occasionally find himself going smaller this season. If he wants to play his five most talented guys, Self would start Arthur at center, Julian Wright and Brandon Rush at forward, Russell Robinson at shooting guard and Mario Chalmers or Sherron Collins at point guard. Off the bench? Pure centers C.J. Giles and Sasha Kaun, plus power forward Darnell Robinson and USC wing transfer Rodrick Stewart. Freshman guard Brady Morningstar, a better player than advertised, could redshirt.

Here's the rest of the piece, which includes a bit of everything.

Hypocritical Quote Time...

Not quite as cool as Peanut Butter Jelly Time, I know, but I think you'll be amused to see who said the following:

"I want to tell you something," he said. "... You cannot allow people to go around pointing at officials and yelling at them without technicals being called. That is just not allowed. So let's get some things straight around here and quit the double standard that exists in this league, all right?"

I'll give you a hint - he uses an American Express Card.

Check out Gregg Doyel's column for a superior rant on the subject of bullying officials.

Forget the Ides of March! Beware the Wrath of Doyel!

From some guy named Gregg Doyel:

And yet schools like Kansas, Georgetown, Southern California and Oklahoma State are silently rooting [Davon Jefferson] on, hoping he gets his diploma and signs with them. ************ As for any Division I school that signs him, expect wrath. From the NCAA. From your fans. And, if it matters, from me.

College Basketball Ratings update

I'll get links to the new top 25 poll as soon as they're live, but I thought I would post links to some of the power rankings that are looking quite favorably on the Hawks. Caveat Emptor, I'm pointing out the 'predictive' type rankings which tend to minimize the win/loss factor. However, ratings gurus agree that the predictive stats are typically a better measure of how a team is playing right now. Pomeroy has us 14th over all, 5th in the last 5 games, and 4th in the country in both efficiency and pythagorean winning percentage.

That's not bad. It may not be entirely accurate, but these ratings are, as I said, normally a better measure than ratings which weigh the W/L's more, especially when a team has had a lot of close games, like KU has. And remember Gregg Doyel's suggestion about the RPI, which has a fetish with W/L:

But Arizona's RPI is No. 18: True. But Arizona is 13-9. The RPI should be pushed into a half-empty bottle of ginger ale and thrown into the Baltic Sea.

Moving on...

Dolphin's predictive rating has KU ranked 5th in the nation.

Sagarin's Pure Points, which he himself says are the best way of predicting future outcomes, has KU 9th in the country.

The Dunkel Index, which says it's the most accurate since 1929, has KU 6th, but I should note that as I provide this link, they haven't yet updated to include last week's games (TT and OU).

If anyone knows of any other power ratings, send them my way. Again, I'll add the actual top 25 rankings once they become available.


KU is ranked in neither the AP nor the ESPN/USAToday poll. And yet somehow, Colorado maintains its position despite getting shellacked by Iowa State yesterday.

UPDATE 2: Not everybody in the media is missing the Jayhawk train's passing them by - Keith Whitmire at the Dallas Morning News has this to say:

The Jayhawks have the quickness, size and talent to match up with Texas, and they might even have more depth than the Longhorns. However, Kansas started three freshmen and two sophomores against Oklahoma.

With that much youth, it's hard to envision the Jayhawks beating Texas or Oklahoma without an Allen Fieldhouse crowd to lift them when adversity strikes. But at the rate this Kansas team is maturing, anything is possible.

UPDATE 3: We're up to a 6 seed in the latest Bracketology.

UPDATE 4: We slide in at number 24 in Frank Burlison of's rankings.

KU - OU is top 10 game

According to our good friend Gregg Doyel, and he's picking KU.

No. 19 Oklahoma at Kansas: Kansas has won 11 of 13. Oklahoma has won eight of 10. Both teams, in those red-hot stretches, lost to ice-cold Missouri. That's the kind of cool fact you can only find here, people. Additionally, my parents went to Oklahoma but Dorothy went to Kansas, and Dorothy's cooler than my parents. Oh, and finally, Oklahoma wanted Brandon Rush but backed off for academic concerns. Kansas swooped in and got him. Pick: Swoopers.

Oklahoma back out due to academic concerns? I'm not sure Oklahoma would back away from a corpse if it could play rough and tumble playground ball.

KU #2 in the Big 12...and other bits and pieces

Both Tom Keegan and Gregg Doyel are both saying that KU is the Big 12's second best team. I'm not sure these bold words are more indicative of KU's budding uber-potential or the Big 12's general youngness, but as much as I like Keegan, I'm going to give Doyel the credit for calling KU out before OU's ignominious loss to Mizzou at Norman last night. That's pathetic. Especially since the empty chairs, which outnumbered those with Sooner fans in them, appeared more interested than their human counterparts.

Keegan and Doyel join Mike DeCourcy, who, in naming himself the driver of the KU bandwagon, suggests that KU could win it all if we get our situation at point guard figured out. DeCourcy's among the most knowledgable in the business, so I wouldn't write his comments off as quickly as you might be inclined.

KU is talented, and I do think that moving Russ Robinson to point appears to be bearing fruit and allowing the super-frosh Mario Chalmers to work himself into the offense more. Plus Micah Downs, who has been injured (please stop sending me emails asking me why Micah isn't playing more) will likely get some better minutes as the season progresses.

I'm feeling pretty good about this team going into tonight's game against Colorado. It will be a tough test - certainly tougher and in many ways more important than the headline grabbing pasting of Kentucky - but I think KU will pull it out in the end.

The Coors Event Center will be filled with as many Jayhawks as Buffaloes, and I like our ability to contain Roby better this year than last. The predictive stats (Pomeroy, Sagarin, etc.) will sing a different tune, but I feel comfortable saying

KU 76 CU 69

This is an important game for Mark's REAL standings as well, as KU can come pretty close to turning itself into a contender. I'm afraid that OU can no longer be considered a contender, but I'll leave that for Mark to confirm.

Update: I should note that according to Ken Pomeroy, KU is the nation's 6th best team over the last five games, so maybe DeCourcy is right.