PhogBlog+NiceGuyJin+KU Loss to Depaul in Chicago = Expensive Tab at Lotties

Better late than never, but I've been a tied up and unable to post this pic. After watching KU piss away a 14 point lead at All State arena, I proceded directly to Lotties pub in Wicker park to guzzle keg beer in a private tent. While I was there, I ran into Scott Novosel..otherwise known as 'Novi Go' from the Japanese rap group Nice Guy Jin. He had some nice things to say about phogblog, and it sounds like he's doing well over in Japan with his rap career. I ran across this interview with him today. Best of luck to you Scott..and if you're ever back in Larry..look us up. nice guy jin

*right to left: myself, niceguyjin, and some other random dude to the left who spoke japanese and picked up the tab.

There's life after basketball for some walk-ons...

Scott NovoselDo you remember Scott Novosel, the former Kansas walk-on who scored three points against East Tennesee State back in 1994? I was at that game, and I don't remember those points. I don't even remember Novosel. He only scored 1 more point that entire season, so I don't think it's too surprising if you haven't heard of him. He is however, making a name for himself as, of all things, a Japanese rapper. His rap group's name is Nice Guy Jin and you can see their video below. Note the flagrant use of Jayhawk regalia - why not?

And before you go thinking his fame hadn't brought him anything, observe this commercial, wherein Nice Guy Jin, a Japanese lady and some magical flowers make you want to buy the Suzuki Solio, it may take a minute for the video to load and buffer, so hold your horses: