Whitlock sings KU's praises (gulp)

Groans could be heard across Kansas City today as KU fans trotted out their driveways to open the Star. That's right, Jason Whitlock - Big Sexy himself - believes in the Jayhawks.

Earlier this year, JW was optimistic about KSU - he had to beg the bunch over at Phog.net for forgiveness for that one.

And now so many Jayhwawks' fears have come true. Whitlock has boarded the Jayhawk bus; he's nestled comfortably on the bandwagon. And he's using a bull horn to tell everybody about it.

I would be upset, except that I've been saying basically the same thing as he has (perhaps without the explicit comparisons to top 10 teams which at this point can only be dangerous) for the last few weeks.

So you tell me, are the Jayhawks soon to be off the radar? Not if we don't beat OU.

Now if we beat them by 10 as I think we will, then that's a different story.


KU is up to eleventh in Ken Pomeroy's rankings.

And twelfth in Sagarin's Pure Points.

And FIFTH according to the Dolphin Predictive Ratings.

And SIXTH according to Pomeroy's efficiency and Pythagorean ratings.

Again - lies, damn lies and statistics - but look at our company on these links.  It's Duke, Texas, Villanova, Memphis, Illinois, Florida etc.  Are they wrong for all of them too?