Kevin Kietzman Update: We're number 5!

Several days ago, I predicted in the comments that the Phog Blog's mere mention of Kevin Kietzman's name would instantly vault the Phog Blog to near the top of the search engines for his name - Kevin Kietzman. Well, we're right now number 5 in Google after just one mention, and it's really only a matter of time before the Phog Blog is number one for Kevin Kietzman's name - that is, the search term, Kevin Kietzman.

This is more an exercise in hacking Google's search algorithms than anything else, but I found it amusing. If you'd like to participate in this exercise, just copy and paste the code from this link into your blog whenever you choose to mention the name Kevin Kietzman.

Kevin Kietzman

And while you're at it, feel free to participate in Google-bombing UT with me, by letting that flesh eating death machine know how they stand in college sports, by pasting the link code into your website somewhere.

flesh eating death machine

Then give it a week or two.

Memo to Kevin Kietzman: 6,301

That's the number of warm bodies who watched the Texas Lonhorns' drubbing of the lowly Baylor Bears last night. KU could probably get 16,000 to watch the team fold laundry on the court, and Texas can barely field a jury. Until UT can fill the Erwin Center for non-marquee games, and until the Erwin Center no longer plays host to Elephants, Clowns, motorcycle daredevils circumnavigating the innards of a meshy globe, and other circus-related beings, Kietzman's nonsensical arguments that UT is a superior basketball program ring as hollow as the hearts of the oil-rich UT alumni.

And all the money in the world will do nothing to change that.

That's why Texas is the flesh eating death machine.