Stronger Than Coffee

It's not the best feeling in the world to wake up and discover that you're working the same side of the street as octogenarian Lawrence Journal-World sports columnist Bill Mayer. Hoopinion, on PhogBlog, 9/16/06: " days from today, Kansas plays a must-win game."

Headline in the LJW today:

Mayer: Kansas must win Saturday

All credit due, Mayer does, in his column, beat me to the punch in comparing the Oklahoma/Oregon refereeing debacle to the blown call which determined the winner of the 1940 Dartmouth/Cornell game.

I was saving that for a bye week.

Self Hints At Offense

The LJW site has an article up in which Bill Self seems to imply that he's found 'the solution' to the team's offensive woes:

"We have to be really good at something and have something we can hang our hat on. We think we know what it is. We need to get really good at it and the players believe they can score out of it whenever we run it."

Additional commentary from Self implies that he is pushing the team to run, run, run. If this scenario were to actually materialize, there would be a lot of enthusiastic fans around here. But can a team this young handle the demands of a fast-paced offense? Bill Self is probably asking himself this very question. Any thoughts?

Brandon Rush: the Missing Link

The sexy thing to do after a close loss like this is to tag a player who could have made the crucial difference. The Lawrence Journal World's ____ Keegan picked Micah Downs as deserving of more minutes, and it's hard to argue with his take. But as I watched the game, I settled on a different lynchpin.

Updated List of Early Night Visitors

The LJW provided an updated list today of those basketball recruits that will be in attendance on October 14 at Late Early Night in the Phog:

The high school basketball recruiting guest list keeps growing for Late Night in the Phog, set for Oct. 14 at Allen Fieldhouse.

On Friday, a pair of recruits -- Cole Aldrich, a 6-foot-10 junior from Bloomington, Minn., and Obi Muonelo, a 6-4 senior from Edmond, Okla., told they would attend Late Night, which actually will start during prime time this year -- though no exact time has been announced. Aldrich is considering KU, North Carolina and Minnesota; Muonelo KU and Oklahoma State.

Others to attend Late Night: Darrell Arthur, 6-9, Sr., Dallas; Jeremy Price, 6-9, Jr., Decatur, Ga.; Lance Storrs, 6-5, Jr., Decatur, Ga.; Alex Legion, 6-3, Jr., Detroit.

I hope to see lots of signs welcoming these guys! I'll be waving my Aldrich and Arthur signs.

Not another driveway Press Conference?

Discretion is proving to be the better part of valor for Marian Washington and Lynette Woodard, who have decided to more research before speaking to the press officially. Blue horseshoes says this is the last time we'll hear of this.

"We are actually going to do our own research on this whole thing and have a release or press conference," Washington said Monday. "Lynette (Woodard) will be able to speak to things once we are very clear as to what has happened. She has a lawyer. Everything will happen through her lawyer...I want to make sure to take my time in going through things," Washington said. "Obviously, there is disappointment. In time we'll talk about these things."

I think that Coaches Woodard and Washington have made a great decision. Both have made tremendous contributions to the University. If they bring too much attention to this, it will be their legacy - why do that?