Sherron versus the world

Lawson, Conley, Augustin, Crittendon and crew are getting all the props, but mightn't Sherron be hiding behind fewer minutes and actually be the best among them? Luke "I'm your Father" Winn kept KU at 8th in his power ratings, but he did give us some statistical comparisons of Ron versus his peers. The results?

Player Team OEff. ARate TORate Min% Augustin UT 117.0 35.2 24.6 83.1 Crittenton GT 107.4 30.9 26.4 77.2 Conley OSU 120.9 38.4 20.2 75.4 Vasquez MD 107.0 26.3 24.7 68.7 Lawson UNC 115.1 33.5 23.6 60.7 Collins KU 119.5 22.9 19.5 52.4

He's 2 out of 6 in Offensive efficiency, last in assist rate (although he creates assists for his teammates if you follow me) and lowest in turnover rate. He's also lowest in minutes played, so his early season growing pains are still factoring in more heavily than his peers.

I don't know what his minutes % has been over the last several games, but I'll bet it looks a little different if you amortize things over a shorter period of time...Sherron is probably even better offensively.

The Chicago Shave

Julian Wright and Sherron Collins have been inducted into Luke Winn's Style Archive for their matching shaved-in hair designs from earlier this year. Says Winn:

KU's Chicago duo had matching patterns in the front-right portion of their close-cropped 'dos in late January. KU readers: If you have any more information on the design's significance, leave it in the comments.

Recap: Kansas 71 Kansas State 62

It was a sad night for Kansas State fans, all of whom suffered the 24th consecutive loss to the Jayhawks in Manhattan came at the end. For at least three of those fans, that sadness bracketed the emptiness that engulfed them during the player introductions at the instant necessity dicatated removing the live chicken from their pants and throwing it on the floor.

Team eFG% OR% TO% FT Rate FT% PPP
KU 56.1 40.7 24.3 32.7 59.3 1.08
KSU 38.7 32.6 13.7 22.6 70.0 0.94

I was right to predict that Kansas couldn't shoot 60% from the field and grab 50% of their offensive rebound opportunities. Shooting 56% from the field and grabbing 40% of possible offensive rebounds is a lovely consolation prize. Shooting 56% from the field while missing more than three-quarters of their three-point attempts and scoring 1.08 points per possession while missing more than three-quarters of their three-point attempts and turning the ball over on almost a quarter of their possessions is the latest example that this may, in fact, be a pretty good offensive team.

The Jayhawks didn't force many turnovers but unlike earlier in the year (@Iowa State, Missouri), they appeared content to let Kansas State dribble from sideline to sideline behind the three-point line before attempting a contested shot. They were few dumb fouls and very little dribble penetration allowed until the final minute when Clent Stewart's running one-handers were considered a lesser evil than letting anyone throw up a three-pointer.

Having spent the morning enlightening strangers about the glories of Sherron Collins (I contend he resembles no recent Kansas player more than Paul Pierce shrunk down to a square, 5' 9" frame.), I'll allow myself one final marvel: Last night was Sherron Collins having a good half.

Jayhawks need to get their "buts" in gear.

I'm generally not a big Seth Davis fan, but his latest Hoop Thoughts hits the nail on the head with regard to the Jayhawks:

This is still a Bill Self-coached group, so you know they play some mean D. ... There is also something to be said for having a variety of different weapons to keep opponents off balance. ... But in order to win an NCAA championship, a team at some point will need a great escape. (Think Danny Ainge, Tyus Edney and Christian Laettner.) When that critical moment comes, be it in the first round or the Final Four, whom will Kansas turn to?

Then he goes through the potential candidates.

Brandon Rush?

...has been shooting pretty well the past month, but the word is out that he is not a good ball handler. That makes him easy to defend in the half-court -- and he knows it. Plus, Rush does not have the mentality to take over a game in a tough spot.

Julian Wright?

a dynamic athlete, but his forte is passing and he does his best scoring in transition, not in the half-court.

Russell Robinson?

mentally tough, but he is averaging just 6.8 points ... and making 41.1 percent of his shots

Mario Chalmers?

has the skills to take over ... but apparently lacks the moxie to demand the ball like [Acie] Law did [on Saturday]

Sherron Collins?

The one player with the skills and the moxie to be a go-to guy ... But it's hard to imagine a freshman taking on that role, even if he is from Chicago.

Out of all of these choices, Chalmers and Collins have the least standing between them and "go-to player" status. They have the skill sets, they just need a little attitude (Chalmers) or experience (Collins). There's been a growing sentiment on this site that Collins needs to be the man with the ball in his hands at the end of the game, and I'm beginning to agree. From the looks of it, I think Seth Davis is as well. (Now if we can just get Bill Self on board...)

Four-Way Tie Raises Questions - Like Whose PT Will Collins Steal?

I haven't yet acquired the statistical jones of some of Phog Blog's contributors, but some stats are so glaring they get up and slap you in the face. Example: The current four-way tie for first in the Big 12. KU, Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech all stand at 4-1. True, it's early yet to discern the shape of the conference race, but this unsightly log jam provides some food for thought:

Is Texas Tech a genuine contender? After the KU loss, word was that the Jayhawks lost to a team that was mediocre at best. Second thoughts, anyone?

How far can freshman Kevin Durant carry Texas? After Darrell Arthur's less-than-sterling performance in last night's played-up match-up with Kevin Rogers, it's not hard to guess who would get the best of a Durant-Arthur match-up. Texas has other tools (DJ Augustin, A.J. Abrams), but Durant makes or breaks the Longhorns. So far, that's been good news for Texas.

And, on the KU front: Whose minutes will Sherron Collins steal? Mario Chalmers' foul trouble has freed up time for the poised freshman, but this won't last. Bill Self has been vocal about "Glue-man" Robinson's place in the line-up, and Chalmers seems to be coming out of the offensive fog that has troubled him for the last four games. But increasingly, KU is better when Collins is on the court. Collins flourishes under pressure and knows how to change the momentum of a game-so something has to give.

Your takes?

MU's Hannah Will Push Sherron Collins

As the "number two" guard in last year's class, Sherron Collins will likely feel some heat if Stefhon Hannah continues to play anything like this.

Most prominently on display was Hannah, the 6-foot junior-college transfer who started in the backcourt with fellow junior Jason Horton. The other starters were Brown, center Kalen Grimes and guard Matt Lawrence.

Hannah finished with 25 points, six assists and seven steals in 25 minutes. He was nine of 17 from the field, including four of six from behind the three-point arc.

"You look at Stefhon and his stat line - it's amazing," Anderson said.