2008 Big 12 Tourney at Sprint Center

This really hasn't been in doubt, but it's nice to see that it's official.

The Big 12 men's and women's basketball tournaments will return to Kansas City in 2008.

The men's tournament will be played in the Sprint Center with the women playing in Municipal Auditorium.

The league office made the official announcement on Monday. The Big 12 also selected San Antonio as the site of the 2007 football championship game.

The basketball tournaments had been all but promised to Kansas City two years ago. The Big 12 did not award championship sites beyond the 2006-2007 school calendar partly to give Kansas City a chance to solidify plans for the new arena.

Kansas City was home to the first six Big 12 events with the men at Kemper Arena. The last Big 12 tournament was held there in 2005. Oklahoma City will play host to the men's and women's tournaments in March for the first time.

Source: Star

More on the Sprint Center

From Phog Blog reader Brian:

I listened to the interview with the architects yesterday. Their main goal with all the glass was to create something that would be highly visible from the outside so that people on the street could see that something was happening inside the building. The wanted to tap into the natural energy that would be occuring with every event. They said that there may actually be visibility all the way into the arena bowl from the street (that would certainly be different). They have devised a way to control the lighting so that outside light would not affect what's happening inside...with reference made to the windows on the end of our favorite old barn.

The place just sounded like it was going to be a crown jewel for Kansas City and unlike any other arena in the world at this time. To comment on the importance of a new arena to downtown KC, Omaha recently built the Qwest Center. Last year Omaha ranked in the top 8 cities for concerts in the U.S. Kansas City ranked in the high 70s. Trust me folks, Omaha isn't normally on the top of the promoters list of tour cities. They are now. I suspect when the Sprint Center is completed in '07 that KC will steal some of those shows back...not to mention the Big 12 and perhaps a first or second round game.

The new building will seat 18,000+ on two levels with nearly 11,000 seats in the lower bowl.

Thumbs up at this juncture.

Sprint Center Pictures!

Well, it's not as 'classic' as many people wanted, and I know that's going to upset some of you, but I personally really like how it looks. I love the windows as well and the wide open concourses.

Sprint Center Concept Art

Here's another shot - I like the fountains, although they were such a given that I should hardly mention them.

Sprint Center from the SouthWest

The required (and so choice) Dusk Shot: Dusk shot of the Sprint Center

First rule of the proposed Sprint Center:

Don't throw Stones!

A full slide show can be viewed here (total of 7 shots).